12mm 5mW Red Point Laser Module MXD1230 Point Spot Size Adjustable Laser
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12mm 5mW Red Point Laser Module MXD1230 Point Spot Size Adjustable Laser

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12mm 5mW Red Point Laser Module is an ACC Circuit Design and Industry Class Laser. This is a 12mm 5mW Red Point Laser Module MXD1230 Point Spot Size Adjustable Laser. Easy to install, Durable and portable. laser emission head For Ciclop Scanner 3D printer Components Points Spot Size Adjustable. It is suitable for 3V-5V 5mW standard, with 6mm outside diameter. This Red dot Laser Module can be used to connect diode tubes for multiple uses.

This Laser diode module is very efficient and useful for your electronic projects. For example, with this product, you can make a laser radiation sensor and with the use of an Arduino development board, you can create your own laser harp. Simply connect power to the red and black wires and you will be lasing in no time.
  • Practical test for point head: reflection visible to random target >1000m
  • The Focus line’s Intensity can be adjusted with the help of a lens ring head.
  • ACC Circuit Design and Industry Class Laser
  • DC 3V, Wide Voltage Protection up to 5V

Note :

  1. It does not emit the RED-SPOT or Single RED Cross LINE since it is a line laser module.
  2. Please use the DC power supply 3~6V.
  3. Careful! This laser module has high output power, please wear goggles when testing or using as it can be hazardous to your vision.
  4. The laser beam must not be directed towards the eyes of a person or an animal in any way.
  5. The red cord is an anode, the black cord is a cathode.

Technical Details

  • Input Voltage (V) : 2.8 – 5.2
  • Output Type : Red Dot
  • Reset Button : YES (Separate)
  • Max. Operating Current (mA) : 25
  • Wavelength (nm) : 650
  • Operating Temperature Range (°C) : -10 to 40

Physical Attributes

  • Cable Length (cm) : 13
  • Length × Width (mm) : 36 × 12 (Body Diameter)
  • Weight (gm) : 14

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Customer Reviews

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dolly @ rekha w/o monto shah
Great Laser!

I bought this for use in a light show I'm designing. The color is a nice violet-blue, clearly visible in daylight, and the intensity will be perfect for what I'm using it for! I will likely buy more of these in the future!

Works for fluorescent test

The wavelength is exactly 405 nm with a narrow bandwidth. I'm not sure if it is made that way, but I could actually tune the intensity of the light by changing the voltage input. I'm using it for my fluorescent test and it works great!

ravi kumar
Do not look directly into the module!

Excellent, I use this laser to test absorption of UV light on different materials for 355nm laser applications. It is brighter than it appears. It tested 47mW using a calibrated power meter.

Shows up really well in fog-machine fog.

 I adjusted the lens all the way in so it doesn't focus and makes a wide beam. It looks amazing as it moves through fog. I'm using it attached to my HTC Vive controller when I stream Beat Saber, as is seen in the video.

Great for fluorescence experiments

Had to rig up a USB plug for supply but then was tickled to see that this wavelength makes lots of pigments in the environment fluoresce. Just please be careful to avoid peoples eyes because the 405-nm beam is far more powerful than it looks on a non-fluorescent surface like metal.

Nice and bright dot

We are using the laser in a vision application. Using the dot to highlight a shoulder in a part so the camera can see it easier. Good value