2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis
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2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis
2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis
2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis

2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis

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The 2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis is a chassis designed for building a robot car with two-wheel drive.

Here's an overview of the 2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis:

Description: The 2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis is a chassis kit designed to provide the foundation for building a two-wheel-drive robot car.

Configuration: The chassis is designed to accommodate two wheels that drive the robot and provide locomotion.

Transparent Design: The transparent material used in the chassis provides a unique visual appeal, allowing users to observe the inner workings of the robot.


Two-Wheel Drive: The chassis supports a two-wheel drive configuration for robot movement.

Visual Transparency: The transparent material allows users to see the components inside the chassis, adding an educational and aesthetic element.

Customization: Users can add their choice of motors, wheels, sensors, and other components to create a personalized robot.

Modular Design: The chassis is often designed with mounting holes for easy attachment of various components.

Educational Value: The transparent design enhances the educational experience by showcasing the mechanics of the robot.


Robotics Projects: Used as the base for creating robot cars for educational, hobbyist, or practical purposes.

STEM Education: Suitable for teaching robotics concepts and hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Prototyping: Ideal for quickly prototyping robot car designs for testing and experimentation.

Using the 2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis:

Assembly:Follow the provided instructions to assemble the chassis, and attach motors, wheels, and other components.

Motor Wiring: Connect the BO motors to suitable motor driver modules or microcontrollers for controlling movement.

Sensor Integration: Add sensors and other modules to customize the robot's functionality.

Power Supply: Provide power to the motors With a 4 AA battery box (batteries not included).


Component Compatibility: Ensure that the added components, such as motors and sensors, are compatible with the chassis design.

Motor Driver: Select an appropriate motor driver to control the motor movement effectively.

Wheel Diameter: Choose wheel sizes that match the chassis dimensions for proper movement. When using the 2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis, understanding its features, assembly process, component compatibility, and customization options is important for building a functional and visually appealing robot car.

Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 245 × 157 × 57
  • Weight (gm): 330

Package Includes

  • 1 x Car chassis.
  • 2 x BO Gear motor.
  • 2 x Car tire.
  • 1 x Universal wheel.
  • 2 x Speed encoder.
  • 1 x Battery box(batteries not included).
  • All necessary screws and nuts.

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Package Includes

  • 1 x 2 WD Transparent Robot Smart Car Chassis

Customer Reviews

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surender singh chauhan
Works perfect for my robot

Awesome build quality. Soldering wires onto motors was nice and easy. My first little robot I'm designing. Everything fits on the chassis so far. Everything works like it should. Perfect to get into building robots or anything. I've put 9v into the motors and havent had any problems. They do move pretty fast Haha.

son pal@ sonu kumar
Value for money

I used this kit for one of my grad projects. After assembling, it never came off . The motors for the car are of good quality too

Perseids Car Chassis Kit

I am having fun using it!!

ghansyam soni
Science Project Saver

quick turn around and just what was needed for science project.