GY-271 QMC5883L 3-axis Electronic Compass Module Magnetic Field Sensor
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GY-271 QMC5883L 3-axis Electronic Compass Module Magnetic Field Sensor

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The Module Magnetic Field Sensor is designed for low field magnetic sensing with a digital interface and it is perfect to give precise heading information. The GY-271 is supposed to have an HMC5883L, but some boards have a QMC5883L which has the same basic capability but is not compatible with the H. The Magnetic Field Sensor converts any magnetic field to a differential voltage output on 3 axes. 

This GY-271 QMC5883L 3-axis Electronic Sensor fits into small projects such as UAVs and robot navigation systems. This voltage shift is the raw digital output value, which can then be used to calculate headings or sense magnetic fields coming from different directions. If you get a GY-271 board and observe an I2C address of 0x0C and read back nothing but zeros from the board, then you probably have a QMC5883L chip!
  • It uses of chip TCS3200 PCB board using a gold plating process.
  • The TCS230 is an upgraded version of the TCS230 with better results.
  • Power supply 3-5V.
  • It resists light interference.
  • White LED, can control the light / off.
  • Can detect non-luminous object color.

Technical Details

  • Type : GY-271
  • Operating Voltage (VDC) : 3 ~ 5
  • Communication : I2C Protocol
  • Measuring Range : ± 1.3-8 Gauss
  • Length (mm) : 14.8
  • Width (mm) : 13.5
  • Height (mm) : 3.5
  • Weight (gm) : 2

Physical Attributes

  • Length * Width * Height (mm): 15 x 09 x 4
  • Weight (gm) : 2

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code


    • 3-axis magnetic electronic compass.
    • Precise heading information.
    • Fits into small projects easily.
    • I2C communication.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    neeraj kumar
    Five Stars

    Cool beans

    Works fine

    Initially couldn't get flight controller to reliably communicate with this module, but then I popped off the 2 pull-up resistors (the absolutely TINY things right next to the SDA and SCL pads on the board) to ensure it would work with other devices connected to the bus, and from then on there have been no issues at all.

    Great Deal.

    Great Deal.

    smt.farhana baigum
    Great sensor.

    Works as expected. Side story: Don't drop it. It breaks easily. My group partner and I were outside soldering jumper wires to this chip. Music was playing outside because there was a band concert at my University. If only I could attend the Spring Show. But I had to focus on my project. So we finished soldering. Then we walked back to the lab with our hands full. I tried opening the door and this chip fell. The music played on. People were cheering. I looked at the chip in shock. It was broken. I had to purchase a second one. I know it's common sense not to drop sensitive things like this. I just wanted to give you a story.

    leela dhar narang
    The position sensor works perfectly with my antenna and Wi-Fi Arduino

    I needed a position sensor for my attic antenna and this worked perfectly. The QMC is supposed to be inferior to the HMC; however, it is more than adequate for my purposes! I.e., it is quite accurate in provided 360 degree precision, although in my application, it seems to have a margin of error of 2 degrees, which is still overkill for me.

    mohit @ himanshu
    Five Stars

    Works as expected.

    Sreenivasulu Pittala
    Cheap compass for apm

    Worked well. A little difficult to mount with no mounting holes. Not plug and play.

    kunal kishore
    Five Stars


    They are NOT compatible with the HMC5883l

    There is a lib in Arduino for the QMC5883L and it does work well.

    Works as advertised.

    Set this up with an arduino uno and integrated it into a ROS system. Put it on a chip socket that is permanently mounted onto a proto shield.