SSOP/TSSOP 14/16/20/24/28 Burn DIP Test Seat Patch IC Chip Adapter Pitch 1.27mm
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SSOP/TSSOP 14/16/20/24/28 Burn DIP Test Seat Patch IC Chip Adapter Pitch 1.27mm

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These adapters are used to facilitate the programming and testing of ICs with different package types, such as SSOP, TSSOP, and DIP, which have different pin configurations and sizes. The purpose of these adapters is to convert the pinout and dimensions of one package type to another so that ICs can be easily programmed and tested using standard equipment.

These are different types of surface-mount packages for integrated circuits (ICs). They have a certain number of pins, with the number in the name indicating the pin count. For example, SOP8 has 8 pins, SOIC14 has 14 pins, and so on.

The adapter design needs to consider the following factors

DIP Chip Socket Programmer: A DIP chip socket programmer is a device used to program ICs that are in DIP packages. DIP packages are older-style packages with two rows of pins that go into a socket on a circuit board. These programmers are designed to interface with these DIP packages and program the internal memory of the ICs.

IC Test Seat: An IC test seat, also known as a test socket or IC test adapter, is a specialized hardware component that provides a temporary connection between an IC and a testing or programming system. It ensures proper contact and alignment between the IC's pins and the test or programming signals.

Converting SMD to DIP: If you have SMD chips like SOP8, SOIC14/16/18/20/24/28, and you want to use them in circuits that only accept DIP packages, you can use adapter boards. These boards have a DIP footprint on one side and the corresponding SMD footprint on the other. You solder the SMD chip onto the SMD side of the adapter, and the DIP side can then be inserted into a DIP socket on your circuit board.

Programming and Testing: To program and test these chips, you would typically use a programmer that supports the specific package type. Most modern programmers come with adapters and sockets for a variety of package types, including SOP8 and SOIC14/16/18/20/24/28. You would place the chip in the appropriate socket, connect the programmer to your computer, and use the software provided by the programmer manufacturer to program or test the chip.


Use with Arduino / Raspberry Pi: SOIC/SSOP TO DIP Adapter is Perfect for use with Arduino / Raspberry Pi or any microcontroller. This is a Double-Side PCB Circuit Board

Hole Pitch: 2.54mm (Through 2.54 pitch pin header )


S.No. Item PCB Size(mm) Pitch (mm) Pin Count Width(mm)
1 SOP8 Narrow Body (150mil) 22*20 1.27 8 3.81(150mil)
2 SOP8 Wide Body (200mil) 22*20 1.27 8 5.08(200mil)
3 SOP14 Narrow Body (150mil) 22*20 1.27 14 3.81(150mil)
4 SOP16 Narrow Body (150mil) 35*25 1.27 16 3.81(150mil)
5 SOP16 Wide Body (200mil) 22*20 1.27 16 7.72(300mil)
6 SOP18 Wide Body (200mil) 25*25 1.27 18 7.72(300mil)
7 S0P20 Mid Body (200mil) 26*22 1.27 20 5.08(200mil)
8 S0P20 Wide Body (300mil) 34*25 1.27 20 7.72(300mil)
9 S0P24 Wide Body (300mil) 34*25 1.27 24 7.72(300mil)
10 S0P28 Wide Body (300mil) 34*25 1.27 28 7.72(150mil)

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  • 1 x SSOP/TSSOP 14/16/20/24/28 Burn DIP Test Seat Patch IC Chip Adapter Pitch 1.27mm

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