HC-06 4 Pin Bluetooth Module (Slave) No Button
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HC-06 4 Pin Bluetooth Module (Slave) No Button

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  • TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module (Slave) New and Original Upgrade of HC05
  • TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module (Slave) Compatiable Version Upgrade of HC05

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    Wireless Connectivity Made Easy: TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module

    Section 1: Seamless Bluetooth Communication

    Experience seamless Bluetooth communication with the TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module. This module is designed to provide wireless connectivity between devices, enabling easy data transmission and communication. Whether you're establishing wireless connections between microcontrollers, creating Bluetooth-enabled projects, or implementing wireless data transfer, this module ensures reliable and efficient Bluetooth communication, empowering you to connect and communicate wirelessly.

    Bluetooth Technology Leverage the power of Bluetooth technology with the TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module. It utilizes the Bluetooth standard to establish wireless connections between devices, allowing for easy data exchange and communication. With its advanced Bluetooth capabilities, this module enables reliable and efficient wireless communication, making it ideal for applications that require wireless connectivity.

    Plug-and-Play Connectivity Enjoy the convenience of plug-and-play connectivity with the TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module. It features a user-friendly design that simplifies the connection process. Simply connect the module to your device, and it is ready to establish Bluetooth communication. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced electronics enthusiast, you can effortlessly incorporate this module into your projects, saving time and effort during the setup phase.

    Section 2: Easy Integration and Versatile Applications

    Simple Wiring and Setup The TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module offers a simple wiring and setup process. With clearly labeled connection points and a user-friendly design, this module simplifies integration into your projects. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced electronics enthusiast, you can quickly and effortlessly incorporate this module, saving time and effort during the setup phase.

    Wide Range of Applications Unlocks a wide range of applications with the TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module. Its versatility makes it suitable for various projects and systems. Whether you're involved in home automation, IoT projects, wireless data transfer, or remote control applications, this module provides reliable and efficient Bluetooth connectivity. Experience the convenience and flexibility of wireless communication in your projects.

    Section 3: Reliable Performance and Compatibility

    Stable and Consistent Operation Rely on the TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module for stable and consistent Bluetooth communication. Crafted with high-quality components and designed for reliable operation, this module delivers consistent data transmission and reception. Its stability ensures reliable wireless communication, allowing you to connect and communicate with confidence.

    Wide Device Compatibility The TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module offers wide device compatibility. It supports various devices, such as microcontrollers, smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Whether you're connecting to specific platforms or creating projects with Bluetooth compatibility, this module ensures seamless integration and compatibility, providing flexibility in your project designs.


      • Model: HC-06 (Slave Mode only)
      • Interface: VCC- GND- TXD- RXD
      • Nominal Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC
      • Input Voltage Range: 3.6V to 6V (Never over 7V)
      • Input current : 30mA (unpaired), 10mA(paired)
      • Effective Distance: 10M (open area)
      • Communication Format: 8 data bits / 1 stop bit / without parity


      Physical Attributes

      • L * W * H in mm : 37 * 16.5 * 7
      • Weight in gm: 3

      Integration with Arduino

      TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module

      Sample Code


      Integration with Raspberry Pi

      TTL HC06 Bluetooth Module


      Sample Code


      Product Video


      Package Includes

      • 1 x HC-06 4 Pin Bluetooth Module (Slave) No Button

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Good for quads or arduino bluetooth.

      This gets good range and works great! Keep in mind this does need to be sent a few AT commands to get it set up. I've used it to tune a flying quadcopter, so I have no complaints.

      works perfectly out of the box

      I didn't need to change any settings for my application, but a data sheet would have been nice. (-1 star)

      aman soni @ badal
      Work if you use them correctly

      Both worked when I started using these but one died after a couple of days. I was using 5v digital data out of a Nano, my bad, I thought the Nanos' had 3.3 volts outputs. The other worked fine after I put a logic level controller between the Nano and the HC-06. Get some Logic level converts if your using 5v outputs like a Nano or uno.

      Very good

      Very good

      all ok

      very good product

      girishi chand
      Look on yt on how to use this

      At first i thought i had the wrong setup but then i realized that i was doing it wrong. After that it worked like a charm. Double check everything is the moral of this story. 10/10 would buy again

      Rod T.
      Received on time!

      Got this for my son. It is for his coding class.

      raju garg
      Worked as advertised

      Used these Bluetooth Modules to Replace the USB Cables on CNC Routers. Changing the Baud Rate to 115200 was accomplished using the AT Command.

      Note: 3.3V!!

      Works as long as you read the details! Power by 3.3V only, unless you have a level converter for the signals. The 3.3V output on full size arduinos is sufficient. Simple to use once hooked up.

      Jared D.

      Worked as expected. Good news