Product review
Step 1: Ideation
Step 2: Research
Step 3: Discussion
Step 4: Development
Step 5: Delivery
Submit your Idea
Engineer Assigned
Researches the Idea
Engineer starts the work
Delivery & Evaluation
Explain your Idea Clearly.
• Mention Technologies you want to use Android, Arduino, AVR
• Include Files, Links, Attachments
• Submit Your Idea
• Engineer will Go through your Idea
• Feasibility Study will be done
• Prepare Proposal with Solutions
• Finalizes the Proposal Iteratively
Schedule discussion
• Development work starts
• 1 Revision included.
• Customer will be updated periodically
• Engineer discusses the solutions
• Timeline agreed, Customer Signs Off
• Finalizes the Proposal Iteratively
• Final Delivery of the solution
• Customer Signs Off
• Training as discussed.
• Customer pays 50% advance.

Our Services

From ideation to production, we are committed to developing, building and maintaining quality systems that help you reach your goals. Whether your aim is reduced downtime, improved quality, increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced safety, we’re here to help with professional service and expertise you can rely on.

About Us

We are serving and working with largest manufacturing companies in India. For the past 15+ years, serving a wide variety of manufacturing clients throughout India. Through the combined experience of our technical staff and business partners we can design and build electrical and electronic systems that will increase the quality, productivity, and efficiency of your operation.

Our Past Experience in Automation

DO you have previous experience handling Industrial Projects

How to Reach us

You can reach us on +91 9918502258, +91 9793202258 or send us an email to

You can also provide us details of your project click here and we will reach out to you in 24hrs