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BO Wheel 65mm Dia. x 26mm Width
DEAR SIR WE ORDER BO Wheels 65mm Di×26mm-2Pcs order 4no but we get only 4pice

So we need 4 pics more

DIY kit need more support

There is a diagram showing how the kit should look however there seems to be variances in the kits. The one I have is different from the picture slightly but makes a big enough difference that I can’t exactly follow. I’m also missing a component. The YouTube video is not a tutorial as claimed, it’s someone speaking about the kit I’m assuming because i don’t understand the language the person is speaking. The kit is already put together in the YouTube video. I can’t finish without the missing piece though. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s small and looks reddish.

Sir, this is a ceramic capacitor it has no polarity you have to put it in place of C3

Dont go for price go for this wheels- best quality

Excellent quality and product.

Very easy to make

It was handy for my son to make and understand with instructions

MQ-7 CO Carbon Monoxide Coal Gas Sensor Module

Like it

I liked everything. Thank you (KitsGuru)!!

Shipping is very fast, the quality is the same as

Just for experiment. Quality is good enough for that price.


I just love Its work.

Worked great

Worked great in my actuator project.

Perfect little workhorse

I used this in an automotive application (second module from the end in the picture) - it works great & reliably!

Awesome display on Pi!

This works great with the i2clibraries.i2c_lcd class in Python. I tried it on 3.3v, but it needs the 5v. The backlight comes with a jumper cap, but I swapped it for a 10k pot, so now I have brightness control as well (see pic). And, its bigger than you expect, especially after using tiny oleds.

TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module – Programmable & Low-power (70~108MHz)
Pawan Patidar
Defferent board sent

Tea5767 board received but this board is completely different one side 5 pins and one side 8 Unknown pin datasheet not available. I ordered tea5767 rrd102 but seller sent dnt-600 board.

Great little meter

Used to make a diy power supply from and old pc atx. Works great, is not deadly accurate but it will do.

Good quality and fast delivery :-)

The Little Red Board that could

Excellent! After finding some advice online about how to solder the pins onto this board, I put together my first project involving a stepper motor. Success! Great product, recommended.

The packaging is excellent

Nice product...Working well can be recommend

Works as descibed

Works as descibed

Temp & Humidity in a small device

Small little device that provides both Temperature and Humidity.I've tested this next to a Dallas DS18b20 and they are both within 1 degree of each other. Which is off I do not know, but they are "close enough" for me.

Waterproof, and 36 inches each - nice sensor

This is a nice little temperature sensor. It's been working well as a solar powered pool thermometer. 5 sensors, each 3 feet in length. The wire are appropriately colored (red and black, and data is yellow). So far it's been just fine in the water (a few days now) so the waterproofing seems good.

My son liked it, it works

Good speed control for ankle grinder

This received without dely , working very good , speed of black and decker ankle grinder is controlled , from flying to walking,say speed reduced from 12000 RPM to 1000 RPM or similar