0-100V (99.9V) DC Digital Voltmeter Panel .56 inch Red LED Bike Car
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by John Doe, written onMay 4, 20020
NEW Red LED Panel Meter Mini Digital Voltmeter DC 0V To 99.9V Red LED Panel Meter
NEW Red LED Panel Meter Mini Digital Voltmeter DC 0V To 99.9V Red LED Panel Meter
.56 inch RedLED image

0-100V (99.9V) DC Digital Voltmeter Panel .56 inch Red LED Bike Car

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Introducing our 0.56-inch Three Wire DC Voltmeter in a striking blue hue, designed to provide accurate voltage measurements in the range of 0 to 100 volts. This compact and reliable voltmeter is equipped with three wires for seamless installation and efficient monitoring of your electrical systems.

With its clear 0.56-inch display, this voltmeter ensures easy readability, allowing you to quickly assess voltage levels with precision. The vibrant blue color not only adds a touch of style but also enhances visibility, making it an attractive and functional addition to your instrumentation.

Whether you're working on DIY electronics projects, monitoring batteries, or overseeing industrial applications, our Three Wire DC Voltmeter is a versatile tool that delivers consistent and dependable results. Its user-friendly design and durable construction make it suitable for various environments, providing you with the confidence to tackle voltage measurements with ease.

How to use Components:

Display: The 0.56-inch display typically shows the measured voltage.

Input Wires: Usually, there are three wires - red (positive), black (negative), and white (signal).

Power Connection: Connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the power source. Connect the black wire to the negative terminal of the power source.

Signal Connection (if applicable): If there is a white wire, it is likely a signal wire. Connect it to the part of the circuit where you want to measure the voltage.

Power On: Once the connections are made, power on the circuit.

Read the Display: The voltage measurement should now be visible on the 0.56-inch display.

Interpretation: Read the displayed voltage value. Most likely, it will display the voltage in volts (V).


Voltage Range: Ensure that the voltage being measured is within the specified range of the voltmeter (0-100V in this case).

Polarity: Pay attention to the polarity. Connecting the red wire to the negative terminal and vice versa can damage the voltmeter.

Accuracy: These meters usually have a certain level of accuracy. Keep in mind the precision required for your measurements.

Calibration (if needed): Some voltmeters may need calibration. Refer to the product documentation for any calibration procedures.

Technical Details

  • Wide measurement range 0-99.9V.
  • Mini Red LED display.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Refresh speed: 500ms.
  • Snap-on design for easy installation.
  • led colors: Red.
  • Refresh speed: about 500ms/each time.
  • Power supply: DC 4.5v - 28V. Working temperature: -10? - 65 ?.

Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width x Height (mm): 48 * 29 * 21
  • Weight (gm) : 17
  • Color: Black

Package Includes

  • 1 x 0-100V (99.9V) DC Digital Voltmeter Panel .56 inch Red LED Bike Car

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
mukesh aarya
Great little meter

Used to make a diy power supply from and old pc atx. Works great, is not deadly accurate but it will do.

Easy to read

I used it to make an emergency 12 volt power breakout board and this allows me to keep track of the power.

So far works good

The two units that I received worked fine. I compared the displayed current with a hand-held meter; the first one was right on. The second one current was displaying approx 20 ma low, and I was able to adjust it with the potentiometer on the PCB labeled I_ADJ so it was right on. Voltage displayed agreed with the hand-held meter also.

Tried and true

The voltage rating is only 30 vdc that's no problem for me but could be for others also a wiring diagram would be nice I already have a couple so again no problem for me but again more documentation would be nice.

The gauges work like they are suppose to

Easy to mount, very readable. I use them in my electronic projects.

bhagwan dass
looks good

have not tested

Have only used one meter... so far, so good.

I used this meter to monitor voltage in a 24VDC battery box.

radhey shyam
Great, but must see this video

They work great, but not trivial to figure out from the provided diagram. You must see the video, in a well-known video site, by Robojax, "Complete Test/Review of 10A 0-100V LED DC Volt and Ampere Meter", AND see the comment by Peter Kay on how to zero it.

Valerie mollohan
variable uses

I have this item Its for a variable DC supply I have not connected it since I am waiting for other items

Make sure you have the right voltage

Easy to mount on a power supply