5x20mm Black Knob Glass Holder Fuse Tube
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5x20mm Black Knob Glass Holder Fuse Tube
5x20mm Black Knob Glass Holder Fuse Tube_1
5x20mm Black Knob Glass Holder Fuse Tube_2

5x20mm Black Knob Glass Holder Fuse Tube

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A small fuse holder with a 5x20mm panel mount, featuring knobs, a base socket, and tube glass, serves as a convenient and secure way to install and replace fuses in electronic or electrical systems.

Here's a Breakdown of its key Features:

Size Compatibility: The fuse holder is designed to accommodate fuses with dimensions of 5x20mm (diameter x length). This size is common for glass tube fuses.

Panel Mount: The panel mount feature allows the fuse holder to be securely mounted onto a flat surface, such as a control panel or equipment enclosure. This ensures stability and easy access to the fuse.

Knobs: Knobs provide a means to secure and release the fuse holder, allowing for easy installation and removal of the fuse. They are often designed for hand-operated operation, simplifying maintenance tasks.

Base Socket: The base socket is where the fuse is inserted and held in place. It provides electrical connections to the fuse's terminals, ensuring proper circuit continuity and protection.

Tube Glass: The fuse holder is designed to accommodate tube-type glass fuses. These fuses consist of a glass tube housing a metal element, which melts when subjected to excessive current, breaking the circuit and protecting connected devices.


Small fuse holders like this one are commonly used in various electronic devices, appliances, automotive applications, and industrial equipment to provide overcurrent protection. They offer a convenient way to install and replace fuses, ensuring the safety and reliability of the connected systems.

Voltage and Current Ratings: The voltage and current ratings of the fuse holder should match those of the installed fuse to ensure proper operation and protection. It's essential to select a fuse holder that meets the requirements of the specific application.

Technical Details

  • Easy to install, durable, and practical.
  • These fuses are terminated with solder terminals.
  • Suitable for electric equipment, motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, and SUVs.
  • Note: This product is suitable for 5x20mm, but does not include fuse.
  • Material: plastic + metal
  • Main color: Black


Package Includes

  • 1 x 5x20mm Black Knob Glass Holder Fuse Tube

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