DIY STEM Ferris Wheel kids Toy Science and Educational Kits
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DIY STEM Ferris Wheel kids Toy Science and Educational Kits

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The Ferris wheel kids toy is a large wheel-shaped mechanical construction facility. Hanging on the edge of the wheel is a passenger cabin. Passengers sit on the Ferris wheel and then it rotates slowly and then passengers' cabins move up. When they reach the top of the Ferris wheel they can overlook the surrounding scenery from a height.

The most common occasions for the existence of the Ferris wheel are in amusement parks (or theme parks) and garden fairs. As a kind of amusement ride, it is collectively called the "Three Treasures of Paradise" together with the roller coaster and the carousel. However, the DIY STEM Science Ferris wheel kits often exist alone on other occasions and is usually used as a viewing platform for events.


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Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions (cm) L x W x H : 15 x 12 x 5
  • Weight (gm): 50

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Shripad Puranik
Good product

Keeps my kid busy

Lakshmi Narayana

Good for children

Sanjay Mishra
If you will buy it it's worth it

It is a very good STEM kit and very playful and easy to assemble but I didn't get the iron powder in the kit but these types of mistakes happens with everyone so I am happy to buy this kit

Anjana Mali
Awesome buy

Amazing product and the kids love it! Adults can explain to the kids the basics of how things work through the included activities.

Dr. Arvind Pandey

Awesome; product is good; seller support is really good

High Quality

All the components are of high quality. Good time pass for kids.

Bapi Gharami
Great product

Very Nice