Thin Film FSR Pressure Sensor Resistance-type Force Sensitive Resistor Length 600mm Force 20G-10KG
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RP-L-600 FSR Force Sensitive Resistor Thin Film Pressure Sensor
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Thin Film FSR Pressure Sensor Resistance-type Force Sensitive Resistor Length 600mm Force 20G-10KG

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A Force-Sensitive Resistor (FSR) is a type of passive electronic component that changes its resistance in response to the applied force or pressure. FSRs are designed to be sensitive to physical pressure and are commonly used in a variety of applications where force or pressure needs to be detected, measured, or controlled.

Key Features :

Resistance Type: The sensor is a Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR), which means its electrical resistance changes in response to the amount of force or pressure applied to it.

Length: The sensor has a length of 600mm. This dimension represents the physical size of the sensor.

Force Range: This FSR is capable of measuring forces within a wide range, spanning from 20 grams (g) to 10 kilograms (kg). This means it can detect and quantify forces ranging from very light touches (20g) to substantial pressures (10kg).

High Sensitivity: The sensor's thin film construction makes it extremely sensitive to changes in pressure or force. It can accurately detect even the slightest touches or applied forces.

Wide Force Range: With a measurement range spanning from 20g to 10kg, this sensor can be used in applications requiring force detection across a broad spectrum, from delicate and precise tasks to heavy-duty monitoring.

Compact Design: The sensor's length of 600mm ensures that it can be easily integrated into various systems, including robotics, medical devices, industrial machinery, and consumer electronics.

Analog Output: As a resistive-type FSR, this sensor provides an analog output that varies with the applied force. This output can be interfaced with microcontrollers, data acquisition systems, or other electronics for real-time force monitoring and control.


Human-Machine Interfaces: This FSR can be used in touch-sensitive interfaces for devices like touchpads, stylus pens, and gaming controllers.

Medical Devices: It is suitable for applications in medical equipment, such as pressure-sensitive mats for patient monitoring, pressure-sensitive buttons on medical devices, or prosthetic limb controls.

Industrial Automation: Use it in industrial automation systems for detecting and monitoring pressure in assembly lines, robotic grippers, or safety systems.

Consumer Electronics: Incorporate it into electronic devices for touch-sensitive controls, force-sensitive scrolling, or gesture recognition.

Research and Development: Researchers can use this sensor in various scientific experiments and studies that require precise force measurements.

Pressure Sensing: His Thin Film FSR Pressure Sensor is ideal for applications requiring the precise measurement of applied pressure or force.

Touch and Presence Detection: Due to its sensitivity, it can also be utilized in touch-sensitive interfaces, occupancy detection systems, or interactive displays where it can sense the presence or touch of a user.

Weight Measurement: In applications that require weight measurement, such as kitchen scales or industrial weighing systems, this sensor can accurately measure weights in the specified range.

Feedback and Control: The sensor can provide real-time feedback to control systems, allowing for automation and feedback control based on the applied force.


  • Item Type: film pressure sensor
  • Detection range: 20g ~ 10kg or more
  • Trigger force: 20g, trigger when resistance 200kO default
  • Shape: sheet, flexible
  • No trigger resistance: 10MO
  • Activation time: 0.01 s
  • Hysteresis : + 10%, (RF + -RF -) / FR +, force 1000g
  • Response time: 10 ms
  • ESD electrostatic discharge: not sensitive to ESD
  • Drift:5%, load 2.5 kg, 24 H
  • Use temperature: -40°C~+85°C
  • Material: polymer
  • Working principle: Vibration sensor
  • Sensor Category: Pressure Sensitive
  • Working voltage: 5V


  • The film pressure sensor is flexible and slim, characterized by low energy consumption and fast response.
  • Flexible pressure sensors can sense weak dynamic or static forces.
  • The top layer is a flexible film and a pressure-sensitive layer is folded on the film.
  • The pressure detection range is 20g to 10 kg or more.
  • Precise detection, fast response, long life.


Physical Attribute

  • Thickness: 0.4 mm
  • length: 600mm overall length 605mm
  • Weight(g): 15

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  • 1 x Thin Film FSR Pressure Sensor Resistance-type Force Sensitive Resistor Length 600mm Force 20G-10KG

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