DIY Smart Line Follower Robot with BO Motor, Wheel and Electronic Kit
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DIY Smart Line Follower Robot with BO Motor, Wheel and Electronic Kit

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A DIY Smart Line Follower Robot kit with BO (Brushed DC) Motor, Wheels, and Electronic components typically includes all the necessary hardware and electronics to build a small, programmable robot that can follow lines or paths autonomously.

Here's a description of what you might find in such a kit:

Chassis: The kit typically includes a robot chassis or frame, often made of lightweight materials like acrylic or aluminum. The chassis provides the structure for mounting components.

BO Motors: "BO" stands for Brushed DC Motors. These motors are included in the kit and are responsible for driving the robot's wheels. They are usually connected to a motor driver circuit for control.

Wheels: The kit provides wheels that are compatible with the BO motors, allowing the robot to move efficiently.

Electronic Components:

Microcontroller: The kit may include a microcontroller board (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi) or a specialized line following the controller board.

Motor Driver: A motor driver circuit or module is included to control the speed and direction of the BO motors.

Line Sensor Array: Typically, the kit comes with an array of infrared or light sensors (usually in pairs) designed to detect lines or paths on the ground. These sensors are usually placed on the front or bottom of the robot.

Battery Holder: A battery holder or power supply solution is provided to power the motors and electronic components.

Cables and Connectors: Various cables, connectors, and jumper wires are included to connect and interconnect the components.

Power Supply: The kit may include a rechargeable battery pack, a set of batteries, or instructions on how to power the robot. The voltage requirements are often specified for the included components.

Wiring Diagram: Instructions or a wiring diagram guide you on how to connect the electronic components, motors, and sensors to the microcontroller and motor driver.

Line Following Algorithm: Depending on the kit, you may receive sample code or instructions on programming the microcontroller to implement a line-following algorithm. This algorithm helps the robot detect and follow lines or paths on the ground.

Wheels and Casters: In addition to the main drive wheels, the kit might include small caster wheels or ball casters to help with stability and smooth movement.

Assembly Instructions: Detailed step-by-step assembly instructions are usually provided to help you build the robot from scratch.

Remote Control: Some kits include remote control options, allowing you to manually control the robot in addition to its autonomous line-following capabilities.

Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 70 x 19 x 22
  • Weight (gm): 250

Package Includes

  • 1 x DIY Smart Line Follower Robot with BO Motor, Wheel and Electronic Kit

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Mahesh Jadhav

we realy love it works perfect!

Anoopkumar D

Good quality and fast delivery :-)

Manu Mishra

Thank you. Everything came whole and complete. Fast shipping.

Shreyas S

DIY Line Follower Robot Geared Motor + Tracking circuit + Chassis + Wheels

Vara prasad

DIY Line Follower Robot Geared Motor + Tracking circuit + Chassis + Wheels

Bhavik Kukdeja

It is perfect well packed, fast, recommend seller

Ranjeet Mishra

I will buy from them again!

Shaina Heaney

Perfect product. Fast, accurate, reliable business. Careful packaging.

jagan Thayananth

Assembly instructions strictly in chnines table but the reassembly'll I already create, the board is labeled.

Sanyam Arya

Good reception, good packaging, but I would like a english translation with the editing plan in tamill too ....