DIY STEM Magnet Small Car Toy Educational Kit for Children
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DIY STEM Magnet Small Car Toy Educational Kit for Children

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Ignite your child's imagination and creativity with our Handmade Wooden Magnetic Car Model Toys. Crafted with care and designed for play, these wooden cars feature magnetic components that add an extra layer of fascination. Let your little one explore the world of hands-on creativity while assembling and playing with these charming magnetic car models.


  • Handcrafted wooden construction
  • Small Magnet
  • Wheel
  • Shaft rod
  • Glue

Here's some information about the Magnet Small Car:

Assemble the Wooden Pieces: a. Lay out the wooden pieces of the selected car model. b. Connect the pieces using the embedded magnets to assemble the body of the car.

Attach Wheels and Other Components: a. Attach the wooden wheels to the designated slots on the car. b. Some models may have additional components like roofs or spoilers that can be easily attached using the magnets.

Explore Customization: Encourage creativity by letting your child mix and match different car components for a personalized touch. This allows for endless possibilities and imaginative play.

Educational Insights: While playing with simple types of cars, their functions, and how magnets work. This adds an educational component to the playtime experience.

Conclusion: Our Handmade Wooden Magnetic Car Model Toys combine the joy of hands-on construction with the allure of magnetic play. These charming wooden cars not only captivate young minds but also promote fine motor skills, creativity, and imaginative storytelling. Spark your child's curiosity and love for play with these delightful and versatile magnetic car models.

Key learning and Development areas

  • It promotes children's practical ability and Creative thinking.
  • It's easy to make and gives kids a sense of accomplishment.
  • It enhances the scientific knowledge of children.
  • It inspires children's interest and curiosity.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions (cm) L x W x H : 15 x 12 x 5
  • Weight (gm): 50

Package Includes

  • 1 x DIY STEM Magnet Small Car Toy Educational Kit for Children

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Small Toy

Toy is small But Work Perfectly..