BT136 600V - 4A SCR Triac Thyristor Silicon
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BT136 600V - 4A  SCR Triac Thyristor Silicon
BT136 600V - 4A  SCR Triac Thyristor Silicon_1
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BT136 600V - 4A SCR Triac Thyristor Silicon

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The BT136 is a popular type of thyristor, specifically a TRIAC (Triode for Alternating Current) device.

Here's some information about the BT136 Thyristor:

Type: The BT136 is a TRIAC, which is a type of semiconductor device that belongs to the thyristor family. TRIACs are widely used for switching AC loads.

Functionality: A TRIAC is a three-terminal device that conducts current in both directions when triggered. It is often used for controlling AC power in applications like dimmer switches, motor speed control, and other AC load control scenarios.

Voltage and Current Ratings: The BT136 has specific voltage and current ratings that define its capabilities. These ratings include the maximum voltage it can handle (Vdrm), the maximum current it can carry (It RMS), and the gate trigger current (Igt).

Package Type: The BT136 is available in different packages, such as TO-220, TO-126, or TO-92. The package type affects its physical size and thermal characteristics.

Gate Triggering: The thyristor requires a triggering signal applied to its gate terminal to start conducting. The BT136 is triggered by applying a sufficiently positive voltage to its gate concerning the main terminals.


Common applications of the BT136 include light dimmers, motor speed controllers, and other AC power control circuits.

Usage Considerations: When using the BT136, ensure that it is operated within its specified ratings, and consider the requirements of your specific application to determine the appropriate triggering circuit.


  • Maximum Terminal current: 4A
  • On-state Gate voltage: 1.4V
  • Gate trigger current: 10mA
  • Max Terminal Voltage is 600 V
  • Holding current: 2.2mA
  • Latching current: 4mA
  • Available in To-220 Package


  • AC Light dimmers
  • Strode lights
  • AC motor speed control
  • Noise coupling circuits
  • Controlling AC loads using MCU/MPU
  • Ac/DC Power control

Physical Attributes

  • Length x Width x Height (mm):  9 x 4 x 19
  • Weight (gm) : 2


Package Includes

  • 1 x BT136 600V - 4A SCR Triac Thyristor Silicon

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