030 Carbon Brush motor high-speed micro DC motor
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030 Carbon Brush motor high-speed micro DC motor

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  • Rated Voltage : DC 2.4V
  • No-load current : 0.7A
  • No-load speed: 36000 rpm
  • suitable voltage : 1.5-3V (22500-45000 rpm)
  • Applicable voltage : DC 1.5-3V (22500-45000 rpm)
  • 030 Carbon Brush motor DC3.2V high-speed micro DC motor
  • Rated voltage : DC 3.2V
  • No-load current : 0.7A
  • No-load speed : 43000 rpm
  • Applicable voltage : DC 1.5-3.7V (21000-49700 rpm)
  • 030 Carbon Brush motor DC3.7V high-speed micro DC motor
  • Rated voltage : DC 3.7V
  • No-load current : 0.6A
  • No-load speed : 44000 rpm
  • Applicable voltage : DC 1.5-5V (17800-59000 rpm)

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    Unleash Precision and Speed: 030 Carbon Brush High-Speed Micro DC Motor:

    Introducing the 030 Carbon Brush High-Speed Micro DC Motor, a compact yet powerful mini DC Motor designed to deliver precision and speed for your DIY projects. Whether you're working on miniature robotics, electronic gadgets, or other creative innovations, this micromotor or toy motor will provide the performance you need to bring your ideas to life.

    Color micro DC 030 carbon brush motor

    These mini DC motors were originally used for racing brand high-end toy cars. The battery voltages used are 2.4V, 3.2V, and 3.7V. They are available in our store. If the motor has a large working current, it can also be powered by a model airplane lithium battery, but cannot use ordinary dry batteries.

    The motor uses a carbon brush commutator, which has a large current and a long service life. The color motor has a beautiful appearance, and there are 3 color parameters that are different, please purchase according to your needs.

    High-Speed Precision DC motor: Precision Engineering at Your Fingertips

    The 030 Carbon Brush High-Speed Micro DC Motor boasts impressive high-speed precision, allowing you to fine-tune your projects with ease. Its precise engineering ensures smooth and accurate operation, enabling your creations to perform at their best.

    Compact and Lightweight DC motor: Perfect for Miniature Applications

    Crafted with a compact and lightweight design, this micromotor is perfect for miniature applications. Its small size allows it to fit seamlessly into tight spaces, making it ideal for projects where size matters.

    DC motor with Carbon Brush Technology: Efficient and Durable

    Equipped with carbon brush technology, this micro motor offers efficient power transmission and excellent durability. The carbon brushes provide a reliable electrical connection, ensuring consistent performance over time.

    Versatile Applications: Ideal for DIY Creations

    The 030 Carbon Brush High-Speed Micro DC Motor is ideal for a wide range of DIY creations. From miniature model trains to small-scale automation systems, this micro motor's high-speed capabilities will add precision and life-like movements to your projects.


    • Rated Voltage: DC 2.4V
    • No-load current: 0.7A
    • No-load speed: 36000 rpm
    • Suitable voltage: 1.5-3V (22500-45000 rpm)
    • Weight: 9 grams


    • Rated Voltage: DC 3.2V
    • No-load current: 0.7A
    • No-load speed: 43000 rpm
    • Suitable voltage: 1.5-3.7V (21000-49700 rpm)
    • Weight: 9 grams


    • Rated Voltage: DC 3.7V
    • No-load current: 0.6A
    • No-load speed: 44000 rpm
    • Suitable voltage: 1.5-5V (17800-59000 rpm)
    • Weight: 9 grams


    • It has good wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and vibration resistance.
    • Gear technology, after processing, high precision, and good reliability, can ensure stability in high service life conditions.
    • High-quality metal material, solidly built, sturdy, and durable, effectively protecting the gearbox engine body.
    • We only offer high-quality engines! 
    • Perfect for mini fans, electric toys, scientific experiments, etc. It will work with many power sources, batteries, and solar cells.


    • High-Speed Precision: Fine-tune your projects with impressive speed.
    • Compact and Lightweight: Perfect for miniature applications.
    • Carbon Brush Technology: Efficient power transmission and durability.
    • Versatile Applications: Ideal for DIY creations.

    Package Includes

    • 1 x 030 Carbon Brush motor high-speed micro DC motor

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