1.5-5V DC Vibration Motor with Wire
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1.5-5V DC Vibration Motor with Wire

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The vibration motor is designed to operate within a voltage range of 1.5 to 5 volts DC (direct current) and is commonly used for applications that require vibration, such as in mobile devices, wearables, controllers, and more.

Some points about vibration motors:

Voltage Range: The motor can operate at voltages between 1.5 volts and 5 volts DC. You can control the vibration intensity by adjusting the voltage supplied to the motor.

Wire Attached: The motor comes with wires attached to it, which are used for both power supply and control. Typically, these wires are color-coded (red for positive and black for negative), making it easy to connect the motor to a power source.

Vibration Mechanism: Vibration motors use an unbalanced weight attached to the motor shaft. When the motor spins, this unbalanced weight generates vibration. The intensity of the vibration depends on the speed at which the motor rotates.

Control: The motor's vibration intensity can be controlled by adjusting the voltage supplied to it. Lower voltage results in weaker vibration, while higher voltage leads to stronger vibration.

Connection: To use the motor, you would typically connect the red wire to the positive terminal (+) of your power supply and the black wire to the negative terminal (-). You can use a DC power source, such as batteries or a regulated power supply, within the specified voltage range.


Mobile Devices: Vibration motors are often used in mobile phones and other handheld devices to provide haptic feedback, such as vibrating when a call is received or a notification is received.

Wearable Devices: Wearable devices, like smartwatches and fitness trackers, use vibration motors to provide notifications to users without needing an audible alert.

Gaming Controllers: Vibration motors are used in gaming controllers to provide tactile feedback to players, enhancing the gaming experience.

Technical Details

  • Rated voltage: 1.5V-4.5V
  • Current(A) : 0.195
  • Speed(RPM) : 19000

Physical Attributes

  • Motor diameter(mm) : 6
  • Motor length(mm) : 17
  • Shaft diameter(mm) : 0.8
  • Shaft length(mm) : 4
  • Line length(mm) : 50
  • Weight (gm): 2

Additional Details

  • Small Compact Size
  • Metal Body
  • Power: 3.7V@0.195A
  • Speed 19000RPM
  • Powerful Motor

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Package Includes

  • 1 x 1.5-5V DC Vibration Motor with Wire

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