10 x LM7805 7805 Positive Voltage Regulator IC - 5 Volt 1 Ampere
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10 x LM7805 7805 Positive Voltage Regulator IC - 5 Volt 1 Ampere

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The LM7805 is a widely used three-terminal positive voltage regulator IC that provides a fixed output voltage of 5 volts. This set of 10 LM7805 ICs is designed to regulate and stabilize voltage in electronic circuits, ensuring a constant 5V output with a maximum current handling capability of 1 ampere.

Key Features:

Voltage Regulation: The LM7805 is a linear voltage regulator that maintains a stable 5V output voltage.

Output Current: Capable of supplying up to 1 ampere (1000mA) of current, making it suitable for powering a variety of electronic components and small circuits.

Three-Terminal Device: The IC has three terminals - Input (Vin), Ground (GND), and Output (Vout), simplifying the connection process.

Wide Operating Range: The LM7805 can operate with an input voltage range typically from 7V to 25V, providing flexibility in various applications.

Thermal Overload Protection: The IC is equipped with internal thermal overload protection, shutting down the regulator in case of excessive heat.

Short Circuit Protection: Offers short circuit and safe area protection, enhancing the reliability of the device.


Power Supply Regulation: Ideal for regulating and stabilizing voltage in power supply circuits.

Microcontroller and Digital Logic Power: Commonly used to provide a stable 5V supply to microcontrollers, digital ICs, and other electronic components.

DIY Electronics Projects: Suitable for a wide range of DIY projects where a reliable 5V power source is required.


  • LM7805 is a positive voltage regulator that outputs +5 volts
  • The LM7805 is a three-pin IC
  • Output Current up to 1A
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Available in TO-220 package
  • Thermal Resistance Junction-Cases (TO-220): °C/W
  • Thermal Resistance Junction-Air (TO-220): °C/W
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40° – 125° C

Pin Details

  • The LM7805, like most other regulators, is a three-pin IC.
  • Pin 1 (Input Pin): The Input pin is the pin that accepts the incoming DC voltage, which the voltage regulator will eventually regulate down to 5 volts.
  • Pin 2 (Ground): The Ground pin establishes the ground for the regulator.
  • Pin 3 (Output Pin): The Output pin is the regulated 5-volt DC.


Package Includes

  • 10 x LM7805 7805 Positive Voltage Regulator IC - 5 Volt 1 Ampere

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