188 Experiments SNAP Circuits STEM Electronics Kit
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188 Experiments SNAP Circuits STEM Electronics Kit

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  • Material : Plastic & Metal
  • Circuit type : SNAP Circuit
  • Color : Multicolor
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    SNAP Circuits is an educational electronics kit that allows users to learn about electronics through hands-on projects. The kits consist of various electronic components that snap together on a base grid to create different circuits without the need for soldering or wiring. While I can't provide a specific list of experiments for a DIY kit, I can give you an overview of what you might find in a typical SNAP Circuits kit and suggest some general project ideas.

    The "188 Experiments SNAP Circuits STEM Electronics Kit" likely offers a comprehensive set of components and instructions to engage users in various electronics and STEM-related experiments.

    Here's a Generalized Description:

    SNAP Circuits Components: The kit would include a variety of SNAP circuit components with a snap-together design. These may include snap wires, switches, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits, motors, and other electronic components.

    STEM Experiments: The kit is designed to facilitate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education through hands-on experiments. These experiments may cover a broad range of topics, including electrical circuits, electronics, physics, and even basic programming if the kit includes programmable elements.

    Educational Manual: An educational manual or guide is likely included. This manual provides step-by-step instructions for each experiment, along with explanations of the underlying STEM principles. It may also offer additional educational content to deepen understanding.

    Experiment Categories: With 188 experiments, the kit is likely organized into categories such as Basic Electricity, Magnetism, Electronics, Robotics, and more. Each category may introduce progressively more complex concepts and experiments.

    Learning Objectives: The kit is designed to meet specific learning objectives aligned with STEM education. These may include understanding the basics of circuits, exploring magnetism and electromagnetism, learning about electronic components, and gaining problem-solving skills.

    Safety Considerations: The kit should include safety instructions to ensure the proper and safe use of electronic components. This may include guidelines on handling batteries, appropriate age recommendations, and other safety considerations.

    Note: Always follow the safety guidelines provided in your SNAP Circuits manual. Ensure that components are connected according to polarity (positive to positive, negative to negative). These projects are basic and can be expanded upon as you become more familiar with SNAP Circuits.


    • No Soldering Required
    • Full Instructions Included
    • Safe and Easy Assembly
    • Color-Coded Components
    • No Tools Required
    • Modularity
    • Educational Guides
    • Wide Range of Kits
    • Diverse Experiments
    • Versatility
    • Introductory Electronics
    • STEM Education
    • Expandability
    • Safety Features
    • Reusability
    • Interactive Learning


    • Education
    • Hands-on Learning
    • Circuit Exploration
    • Creativity
    • Introduction to Electronics
    • Problem-Solving
    • Concept Reinforcement
    • Preparation for Advanced Electronics
    • Family and Group Activities
    • Fun and Enjoyment

    Advantage for your children’s

    They are improving the ability of kids: They can know the basic theory and execution of circuits and can improve their level of Practical and hands-on ability.

    Stimulating a child’s interest in science: They will see the magical light and voice from the experiments, giving them a good and nice memory.

    Cultivating children’s creative thinking: They can build different circuits freely and their creative thinking will be cultivated soon during the experiments.

    Exercising the child’s concentration: They look at the instruction books and build the experiments, then their concentration will improve.

    Gaining children’s confidence: They will feel confident when they finish each experiment, and then they will feel more and more confident.

    Enhancing parent-child relationship: They will enjoy together when they do the experiments together.

    Physical Attributes

    • Dimensions (cm) L x W x H : 47.4 × 31.5 × 7.6
    • Weight (gm): 1200

    Package Includes

    • 1 x 188 Experiments SNAP Circuits STEM Electronics Kit

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