2 Axis Pan Tilt Brackets For Camera/Sensors for Servo MG90S
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2 Axis Pan Tilt Brackets For Camera/Sensors for Servo MG90S

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Pan tilt servo bracketis a mechanical mounting solution used to allow a device, such as a camera or a sensor, to move and rotate along two axes: the horizontal axis and the verticalaxis. These servo motor mounting bracket are commonly used in robotics, surveillance systems, camera stabilizers, and various other applications that require controlled movement.

Here are the key features and functionalities of a typical Pan tilt servo bracket:

Pan Axis: The pan axis allows the attached device to rotate horizontally, usually in a 360-degree range. This movement enables the device to scan its surroundings or follow a subject from side to side.

Tilt Axis: The Pan tilt servo mount allows the attached device to move vertically, often in a range of approximately 180 degrees. This movement allows the device to tilt up and down to capture different angles.

Stepper Motors or Servo Motors: The pan-tilt bracket is typically driven by motors, either stepper motors or servo motors, which provide precise control over the movement. Stepper motors are commonly used for more accurate positioning, while servo motors are favored for smoother motion and holding the position without constant power.

Applications of Pan tilt servo bracket For Camera:

Control Interface: The motors are controlled by a microcontroller or other control circuitry that receives input signals to adjust the pan and tilt angles. This control interface can be manual (user-operated) or automated, depending on the application.

Mounting Platform: The Pan tilt servo mount provides a stable mounting platform to attach the device, such as a camera or sensor. Some brackets come with standard mounting options, making it easy to attach compatible devices.

Material and Construction: Pan-tilt brackets are often made of durable materials like high-strength plastic to handle the weight of the attached device and ensure smooth and stable movement.

Power Supply: Depending on the type of motors used, the bracket may require a power supply to drive the motors and control circuitry.

When choosing a 2-axis pan-tilt bracket for your project, consider factors like the weight capacity it can handle, the type of motors it supports, the control interface you need, and compatibility with your specific device or sensor.

As always, make sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions for proper assembly, wiring, and usage to ensure safe and efficient operation.

NOTE: The package does not contain any Stepper Motors/servo motor you have to buy it separately. This is suitable for only Servo SG90S MG90S.

Physical Attributes

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Weight (gm): 16

Additional Details

  • PV Nylon Head Two Axial plastic
  • Two axial platform
  • Anti-vibration
  • lightweight
  • Good design and shape
  • Sophisticated products
  • Provision to add standard servo motors (sold separately)
  • Pan and tilt using a simple PPM interface using RC servos with position control.
  • 180 Degrees of freedom on both axis.
  • Supported Motors: TOWER PRO MG90S 

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Package Includes

  • 1 x 2 Axis Pan Tilt Brackets For Camera/Sensors for Servo MG90S


Customer Reviews

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Easy assembly.

not hard to assemble. It helps to have dremel tools. Assemble metal rod before tightening all together.

Great for Projects

 Very easy to assemble and great to use for not just a camera. I used it for a solar cell to track energy and harvest the sunlight into energy. Great product.


Quality parts and simple design that seems to work fine.

sunil kumar
Great Product for Price

This is very great value in my opinion. Both of the motors worked unlike some of the reviews posted on here. The mount is designed pretty well. Only complaint I might have is assembling it but it only took around 10 minutes. Great product and well worth the money

om prakash
Received, not tested, appear in good condition

 Received and assembled, but not tested. They appear to be in good condition.

Good for the price

You are getting what you are paying for. The servos are cheap and have plastic gears. Also full range of motion is not 180 by 180, instead the tilt is only 120 degrees.

raj kumar
OK, for the money

Fairly easy to assemble. Nice design. Light weight. Easy to swap out for servos with metal gears.Not for heavy duty use. Plastic gears will wear quicker than metal

Delicately small, yet sturdy and strong.

Very good quality for the price... That being said just handle it with care and definately don't twist the servos by hand or over-torque screws

Simple and easy

Works great, simple design and easy to assemble

Dr Desh
Easy to assemble

I got this during halftime and assembled it all while watching 1st. Quarter. The perfect fit for my small web camera.