IR Remote Control without Battery
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21 key IR remote
Mini 21 Keys IR Infrared
21 key IR remote controller
Mini 21 Keys IR Wireless

IR Remote Control without Battery

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Convenient Control: 21 Key IR Remote

Section 1: Effortless Remote Control

Experience effortless remote control with the 21 Key IR Remote. This compact and user-friendly remote control is designed to provide convenient operation of your electronic devices. With 21 programmable keys, it offers versatile control options for various functions and settings. Whether you want to control your TV, audio system, multimedia player, or other compatible devices, this IR remote empowers you to manage your devices from a distance with ease.

Wide Compatibility

The 21 Key IR Remote is compatible with a wide range of devices equipped with infrared receivers. It can be used with TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players, audio systems, projectors, and more. Its broad compatibility ensures that you can control multiple devices using a single remote, reducing clutter and simplifying your entertainment setup.

Programmable Function Keys

Benefit from the programmable function keys of the 21 Key IR Remote. It features 21 keys that can be programmed to perform specific functions or control various settings on your devices. Whether you want to adjust volume, change channels, navigate menus, or activate specific features, this remote allows you to customize the key functions according to your preferences, providing personalized control over your devices.

Section 2: Easy Operation and Convenient Features

Compact and Ergonomic Design

The 21 Key IR Remote is designed with a compact and ergonomic form factor. Its sleek and lightweight design makes it comfortable to hold and operate, allowing for extended use without strain or fatigue. The compact size also ensures easy storage and portability, making it an ideal companion for your home entertainment system or multimedia setup.

User-Friendly Button Layout

Experience the convenience of a user-friendly button layout on the 21 Key IR Remote. The buttons are intuitively arranged and labeled for easy identification and operation. With a clear and organized button layout, you can quickly access the desired functions or settings on your devices, enhancing the efficiency and user experience of remote control.

Section 3: Reliable Performance and Safety

Reliable Signal Transmission

Rely on the 21 Key IR Remote for reliable signal transmission. It utilizes infrared technology to send commands to your devices, ensuring accurate and responsive control. The remote's signal transmission range allows you to control your devices from a comfortable distance, giving you the freedom to operate your devices without being in close proximity.

Long Battery Life

The 21 Key IR Remote is designed for long-lasting performance. It is powered by commonly available batteries and features low power consumption, maximizing the battery life. With its efficient power management, you can enjoy extended use without frequent battery replacements, enhancing the convenience and reliability of the remote control.

Technical Details

  • Remote control distance : More than 8 meters
  • IR carrier frequency : 38KHz
  • Output type : Digital
  • Power Supply : CR2050 Battery
  • Pointing Angle : up to 60º


Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 86 x 40 x 6
  • Weight (gm) : 14


Additional Details

  • Crystal: the oscillation frequency of 455
  • Encoding: the encoding format of the NEC, upd6122 encoding scheme, the user code 00FF, key coding below
  • Dimensions: 86  x 40 x  6 mm(LxWxH)
  • Button: free height is less than 3mm, the force 200-350g, the life of more than 200 000


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Package Includes

  • 1 x IR Remote Control without Battery

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