Variable Trimmer Capacitor 2.5pF to 22pF 250V
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22 pF Variable Capacitor - Trimmer
22 pF Variable Capacitor - Trimmer_1
22 pF Variable Capacitor - Trimmer

Variable Trimmer Capacitor 2.5pF to 22pF 250V

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A variable trimmer capacitor with a capacitance range of 2.5pF to 22pF and a voltage rating of 250V is a component used in electronic circuits for tuning and adjusting the capacitance value within the specified range.

Here's a Breakdown of the key Features and Descriptions:

Capacitance Range: 2.5pF to 22pF This indicates the adjustable range of capacitance the trimmer capacitor can provide. In this case, it can be tuned from a minimum capacitance of 2.5pF to a maximum of 22pF.

Voltage Rating: 250V The voltage rating specifies the maximum voltage that the capacitor can withstand without breaking down. In this case, it's designed to handle up to 250 volts.

Variable/Trimmer: The term "variable" or "trimmer" indicates that the capacitance of the component can be adjusted manually or with a tool. This is useful for fine-tuning circuits, especially in applications where precise tuning is


Variable trimmer capacitors are commonly used in radio frequency (RF) circuits, oscillators, and tunable filters. They allow engineers and hobbyists to adjust the frequency or tune the resonance of a circuit to achieve optimal performance.

Construction: The capacitor is likely constructed as a small, compact component with an adjustable mechanism for changing the capacitance. It may have a screw or some other mechanism for adjusting the plates inside the capacitor.

Technical Details

  • ECCN (US): EAR99
  • Part Status: Active
  • Mounting: Through Hole
  • Cmin/Cmax: 2.5/22pF
  • Voltage: 250VDC
  • Material Film
  • Special Features: RoHS Compliant
  • Construction: Top/Bottom Adj
  • Termination Style: PC Pin
  • Minimum Operating Temperature (°C): -40
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (°C): 70
  • Temperature Coefficient (ppm/°C): -200±500

Physical Attributes

  • Size (mm) :8.6 X 8 X 10

Package Includes

  • 1 x Variable Trimmer Capacitor 2.5pF to 22pF 250V

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