Gear 3 mm plastic gear D hole different teeth
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Gear 3 mm plastic  gear D hole different teeth
Gear 3 mm plastic  gear D hole different teeth

Gear 3 mm plastic gear D hole different teeth

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  • 12 teeth plastic gear 3mm shaft D hole cylindrical gear
  • No. of teeth : 12
  • Diameter : 7mm
  • Thickness : 5mm
  • Aperure : 3mm (closely matched with D shaft geared motor
  • 18 teeth 0.5 tooth thickness 3mm hole plastic spur gear
  • No. of teeth : 18
  • Diameter : 10mm
  • Thickness : 3mm
  • Aperure: 3mm (closely matched with 3mm shaft

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    12(Dhole), 18 teeth, and a 3mm shaft:

    Shaft Diameter: 3mm (The gear has a central hole with a diameter of 3mm, which can be used to mount it onto a shaft or axle.) Spur gears are a type of cylindrical gear with straight teeth that are mounted on parallel shafts. They are commonly used in various mechanical systems to transmit motion and power between rotating shafts.

    The plastic material used for this gear provides several advantages, including

    Lightweight: Plastic gears are lighter than metal gears, making them suitable for applications where weight reduction is important.

    Corrosion Resistance: Plastic gears are less prone to corrosion, making them suitable for use in environments with moisture or chemicals.

    Low Noise: Plastic gears tend to generate less noise compared to metal gears, which can be beneficial for noise-sensitive applications.

    Self-Lubricating: Some plastic materials have self-lubricating properties, reducing the need for additional lubrication.

    Compact and Lightweight: Perfect for Miniature Applications

    Lower Load Capacity: Plastic gears generally have lower load-carrying capacity compared to metal gears, making them suitable for light to moderate loads.

    Limited High-Speed Capability: Plastic gears may not be ideal for high-speed applications due to potential wear and deformation at elevated RPMs.

    Temperature Sensitivity: Plastic materials can be sensitive to high temperatures, so they may not be suitable for applications involving excessive heat. The gear's 12, 18 teeth allow for smooth and consistent power transmission, and the central hole with a diameter of 3mm enables easy mounting on a shaft or axle with a 2mm diameter. Overall, this plastic spur gear with 12 teeth and a 3mm shaft is well-suited for light to moderate-load applications that require low noise and corrosion resistance.

    Physical Attributes

    • Shape: Cylindrical gear
    • Position: Internal gear
    • Material: Plastic
    • Tooth surface hardness: hard tooth surface
    • Shape: Spur gear


    • Good Quality Material
    • Light Weight
    • Heavy Duty and Long Life
    • Good Temperature and Environmental Resistance

    Package Includes

    • Gear 3 mm plastic gear D hole different teeth

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