3pF (0.003nF) Ceramic Capacitor 3
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3pF - 0.003nF (3)
3pF - 0.003nF (3)-1
3pF - 0.003nF (3)-2

3pF (0.003nF) Ceramic Capacitor 3

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A 3pF (0.003nF) ceramic capacitor is a small capacitance component commonly used in high-frequency and precise electronic applications.


Capacitance: The capacitance of this capacitor is 3 picofarads (pF), equivalent to 3×10 −12 farads. This is a very small capacitance value, ideal for high-frequency applications.

Type: This is a ceramic capacitor, utilizing a ceramic dielectric material. Ceramic capacitors are non-polarized, meaning they can be connected in either direction in a circuit.

Voltage Rating: The voltage rating specifies the maximum voltage the capacitor can handle. This rating varies between different capacitors, so it’s important to match this to your circuit's requirements.

Tolerance: The tolerance of ceramic capacitors indicates how much the actual capacitance can vary from the nominal value. For example, a 3pF ±5% capacitor can have an actual capacitance between 2.85pF and 3.15pF.

Temperature Coefficient: Ceramic capacitors are categorized by their temperature coefficients, such as C0G/NP0 (stable capacitance across temperatures) or X7R (more variation with temperature but typically more affordable).


High-Frequency Circuits: Due to their low inductance and small capacitance, 3pF ceramic capacitors are often used in high-frequency applications, such as RF (radio frequency) circuits and microwave applications.

Tuning Circuits: These capacitors are crucial in tuning circuits for devices like radios and signal processors, where precise capacitance is needed to achieve the correct frequency tuning.

Technical Details

  • Capacitor Type: Ceramic capacitor
  • Capacitor Value: 3pf
  • Package: Through Hole
  • Polarity: Non-Polarised
  • Linearity: Nearly Linear
  • Voltage: 50V
  • Pitch: 5mm
  • Does not vary much with Temperature

Capacitance meter with Arduino

Ceramic Capacitor with Arduino block Diagram


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    • 1 x 3pF (0.003nF) Ceramic Capacitor 3

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