4×4 Matrix Keypad Membrane Switch for Arduino, ARM and other MCU
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4×4 Matrix Keypad Membrane Switch for Arduino, ARM and other MCU

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DC 12V 4×4 Key Matrix Membrane Switch Keypad is a high-quality product at a very low cost for your application needs. This DC 12V 4×4 Matrix Keypad Membrane Switch is a high-quality soft-touch feeling button keypad with 100 million life-stroke lifespans and good resistance to environmental conditions.

This 16-button keypad provides a useful human interface component for microcontroller projects. Convenient adhesive backing provides a simple way to mount the keypad in a variety of applications. The 4×4 Matrix Keypad Membrane Switch features a total of 16 buttons in Matrix form. This is a membrane keypad with no moving parts. A female 8-pin berg connector is required for interfacing it with your microcontroller circuits.


  • Ultra-thin design & adhesive backing provides easy integration to any project
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Easy communication with any microcontroller
  • 5 pins 2.54mm pitch connector, 4x 4type 16 keys.
  • The sticker can peel off for adhesive mounting.
  • Used widely in industrial and home electronic equipment, instrument, etc.
  • This allows a microcontroller to ‘scan’ the 8 output pins to see which of the 16 buttons is being pressed.

Technical Details

  • Voltage(V) : DC 35V
  • Operating Current (A) : 0.1
  • Contact Resistance : 500Ω
  • Insulation Resistance (MΩ) : 100
  • Dielectric Strength : 250VRms

Physical Attributes

  • Length * Width * Height in mm 165 * 70 * 1
  • Weight in gm  : 4

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code

Integration with Raspberry Pi

Sample Code

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Customer Reviews

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abdul rahman
Great product - very standard

Used these to build a nice macropad for my computer - worked great. These standard little matrix membrane keypads are perfect for prototype projects before you want to invest in a mechanical keypad

doodhnath pandit
Fast, fair, works, thanks!

You might be able to get this cheaper from China but your going to half to wait a month. I got it in 2 days. Finished the prototype for the class project and now I'm studying Thermo. There is so much free info out there to support you in your projects with this guy if you're new. Have fun creating!

akash gupta
Excellent transaction

Excellent transaction

badshya khan
Perfect for installation of keypad on golf cart.

Used this keypad to mate with an ESP8266 onto my golf cart. Allows me to enter code to open/close two garage doors from the golf cart. Quality product.