0.56 inch Digital LED Red Voltmeter Panel DC 3.2V - 30V
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0.56 inch Digital LED Red Voltmeter Panel DC 3.2V - 30V
4.5-30V DC Car Motor Red LED
4.5-30V DC Car Motor Red LED

0.56 inch Digital LED Red Voltmeter Panel DC 3.2V - 30V

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The 3.2-30V Digital LED DC Voltmeter is a versatile voltage measurement tool designed for accuracy and ease of use. With a compact 0.56-inch panel, this voltmeter is both space-efficient and visually clear.

Here Some Information about 0.56-inch Digital LED Red Voltmeter Panel DC 3.2V - 30V

Featuring a wide voltage range from 3.2 to 30 volts, this digital voltmeter is suitable for various applications, providing precise readings for your DC power sources. The two-wire design simplifies installation, ensuring a straightforward setup process.

The vibrant LED display enhances visibility, allowing you to easily monitor voltage levels at a glance. Whether you're working on electronics projects, monitoring battery levels, or checking power supplies, this digital voltmeter proves to be a reliable and convenient solution.

Compact, accurate, and user-friendly, the 3.2-30V Digital LED DC Voltmeter with Two-Wire 0.56 Inch Panel is an essential tool for anyone in need of accurate voltage measurements in a compact form factor.


Compact design using three-digit 0.56\ LED to display.
Two-wire connection wiring is simple.
Self-powered version and supports Reverse polarity protection.
To improve the measurement accuracy the voltmeter will automatically move the decimal point position according to the measured voltage. When measuring voltage below 10V two digits after the decimal point are displayed, accuracy is 0.01; When voltage above 10V is measured one digit after the decimal point is displayed. accuracy is 0.1.
No power supply is needed.
Can be used for motorcycles cars and others monitoring battery voltage battery status in a timely manner. Can also be used for other voltage measurement purposes.


  • Measure Voltage: DC 3.2-30V two-wire access
  • Display: Three digit 0.56\" LED red color
  • Refresh Speed: Approx.200mS/time
  • Highest input: DC 30V (higher than 30V has the risk of burnup)
  • Minimum input: DC 3.2V(below than 3.2V measurement is inaccurate or does not show)
  • Minimum Resolution:0.01V( 10V)
  • Resolution:1%1digit
  • Working Temperature:-10~65
  • Hole Size: Approx.46*27mm
  • Current Consumption: LED Color: Red color

Notice: Do not use this voltmeter if the voltage exceeds 30V.

Certain operating current is needed for this voltmeter\'s LED display so it can not be used for high internal resistance voltage measurement such as weak signal voltage button batteries.

The voltage meter is not dampproof waterproof shockproof or anti-oil please note that when using it.

Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 48x29x18
  • Weight (gm) : 18

Package Includes

  • 1 x 0.56 inch Digital LED Red Voltmeter Panel DC 3.2V - 30V

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