40 Pin Berg Strip Male Type pins spaced at 2.54mm
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40 Pin Berg Strip Male Type pins spaced at 2.54mm
40 Pin Berg Strip Male Type pins spaced at 2.54mm-1
40 Pin Berg Strip Male Type pins spaced at 2.54mm-3

40 Pin Berg Strip Male Type pins spaced at 2.54mm

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The Berg strip male connector pins are a fundamental component in electronics, providing a reliable and efficient means of making connections between different parts of a circuit. These pins are characterized by their standard 2.54mm (0.1 inch) spacing, which ensures compatibility with a wide range of electronic components and prototyping tools.


Standard Pitch (2.54mm): The pins are spaced at a standard 2.54mm pitch, making them compatible with most breadboards, perfboards, and PCBs.

40-Pin Configuration: The strip consists of 40 pins, which can be easily cut into smaller sections as needed for specific projects.

Male Pins: Designed with male pins that plug into female headers, sockets, or connectors.

Material and Coating: They were typically made of brass or copper with tin or gold plating, ensuring good conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

Durability: Robust construction allows for multiple insertions and removals without compromising performance.


Prototyping and Breadboarding: Ideal for creating temporary circuits on breadboards, allowing for easy connection and reconfiguration of components and wires.

PCB Connections: Used to connect different PCBs together or to interface a PCB with external devices or modules.

Technical Details OF Berg strip male connector

  • Number of Pins: 40
  • Pin Spacing(pitch): 2.54 mm
  • Length of the Strip: 103 mm
  • Through-hole mount
  • Single row
  • Rounded
  • Can be manually broken for the length needed.
  • Standoffs allow cleaning of solder contaminants.

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Package Includes OF Berg strip male connector

  • 1 × 40 Pin Berg Strip Male Type pins spaced at 2.54mm

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