3 Pcs 650nm 6mm 5V DC 5mW Mini Laser Dot Diode Module
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by John Doe, written onMay 4, 20020
650nm \5V Laser Dot Diode Module
Laser Module 650NM 5V
650nm 6mm DC 5V 5mW

3 Pcs 650nm 6mm 5V DC 5mW Mini Laser Dot Diode Module

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Illuminate with Precision: 650nm 5V Laser Dot Diode Module

Section 1: Brilliant Laser Precision

Experience the brilliance of laser precision with the 650nm 5V Laser Dot Diode Module. This compact and versatile diode module emits a vivid red laser beam with exceptional accuracy and clarity. Whether you're involved in scientific experiments, DIY projects, or professional applications, this laser diode module offers a reliable and efficient solution for your laser illumination needs.

Crisp Red Laser Beam Immerse yourself in a crisp red laser beam with the 650nm 5V Laser Dot Diode Module. With its 650nm wavelength, this diode module emits vibrant and visible red laser light. Whether you're pointing out details in a presentation, creating laser art, or enhancing your visual displays, this module ensures clear and sharp laser illumination that captivates attention and adds a touch of sophistication to your projects.

Exceptional Beam Precision Achieve exceptional beam precision with the 650nm 5V Laser Dot Diode Module. Its well-collimated laser beam ensures minimal beam divergence, resulting in a focused and concentrated dot. Whether you need to highlight specific points or create intricate patterns, this laser diode module delivers precise and accurate beam performance, allowing you to achieve your desired laser illumination effects with utmost precision.

Section 2: Easy Integration and User-Friendly Operation

Compact and Ready to Use The 650nm 5V Laser Dot Diode Module is designed for easy integration into your projects. With its compact size, it can be easily mounted or embedded into various devices and setups. Whether you're incorporating it into a handheld laser pointer, a laser engraving machine, or a custom lighting system, this diode module ensures a seamless integration process, saving you time and effort.

Straightforward Power Supply Enjoy a user-friendly operation with the 650nm 5V Laser Dot Diode Module. It operates on a 5V power supply, which is readily available and commonly used in electronic circuits. With its simple power requirements, this module can be easily connected to your power source, allowing for hassle-free operation. Experience convenience and efficiency as you bring your laser illumination projects to life.

Section 3: Reliable Performance and Safety

Robust and Durable Build Rely on the 650nm 5V Laser Dot Diode Module for reliable and long-lasting performance. Built with quality materials and components, this module is designed to withstand continuous use and harsh conditions. Its robust construction ensures durability and longevity, providing you with a laser diode module that stands the test of time and delivers consistent performance in your projects.

Safety Precautions Safety is paramount when working with lasers, and the 650nm 5V Laser Dot Diode Module prioritizes your well-being. It is crafted to meet safety standards, incorporating protective features to prevent accidental exposure to the laser beam. However, it is essential to handle lasers with care and adhere to safety guidelines when using this module. Enjoy the benefits of laser illumination while maintaining a safe working environment.

Technical Details: 650nm \5V Laser Dot Diode Module

  • Housing Material: Copper
  • Laser Output Type: Dot Facula (continuous output)
  • Operating Voltage (VDC): 5
  • Operating Temperature (°C): -10 to 50
  • Output Power: 5mW
  • Wavelength (nm): 650
  • Working Current: <40mA
  • Working Life: more than 2000 hours
  • Power lead length: 120mm.

Physical Attributes: 650nm \5V Laser Dot Diode Module

  • Dimensions(Dia. x Len.) mm : 6 × 10
  • Cable Length (cm): 7
  • Weight (gm): 2


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Documentation: 650nm \5V Laser Dot Diode Module

Package Includes

  • 3 x 650nm 6mm 5V DC 5mW Mini Laser Dot Diode Module

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
vansu dev
Just what I needed!

Used this for my steampunk gun! love it!

All 10 Work

Out of the bag all 10 work. All I did was hook them up in series with a 330 resistor from a 5v source and there it is. Hope they last :)

rohit kumar
Product is available from seller

I'm using this product on several projects including alignment tools and sensing projects.

Bright Beams

I tested all of the ones I received, they all worked. They all have a bright beam that does spread the further you aim, but keep a good brightness. I even pushed one by using 12 volts for about 5 seconds, didn't burn out, but got very hot. I'm happy with my purchase, now to find projects to use them

nanhu khan
Nice components.

Nice laser components and cheap. Obviously, they are not light sabers and might need additional optics depending on the applications.

Great performance for a good price!

good for DIY works. good beam profile. Also can be salvaged for the collimatng lens of 3mm focal length.

nandkishore karpenter
Good value

Working on a lighting project with a raspberry pi.

raman ralhan
Great deal - focus for sharpest dot

Depending on the target distance the dot may be out of focus, but twisting the two halves of the case lets you focus a tiny dot even at distance or close up. Run from a 18650 LiIon cell uses about 17.5 mA and lasts almost a week!

As advertised

Great affordable laser modules

gaurav sethi
Good for electronics diy

Good for the money. Used in laser harp project