A3144 Hall Effect Sensor Module
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A3144 Hall Effect Sensor Module
A3144 Hall Effect Sensor Module

A3144 Hall Effect Sensor Module

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A3144 Hall Effect Sensor Module produces an electrical signal at its output when it comes in contact with a magnetic field. The analog value of the electric signal at the output of the sensor is a function of the strength of the magnetic field. Hall sensors are everywhere these days, they are being used for different reasons and in all kinds of devices from mobile phones to switches, for the measurement of speed, position, and distance in cars and in other automotive industry-based products. This versatility of hall sensors makes them a must-have for makers and electrical engineers.

A3144 Linear Hall-effect sensor is input For the Magnetic Induction Intensity, the Output is a Digital Voltage Signal. It is operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. The linear sourcing output voltage is set by the supply voltage and varies in proportion to the strength of the magnetic field. The integrated circuitry features low noise output, which makes it unnecessary to use external filtering.

The Effect Magnetic Sensor Module lets you measure the strength of a magnetic field. The Hall Effect sensor outputs the strength of the field as an analog voltage. You can use this sensor to monitor the rotation of a motor or engine or use it to build a security system.
  • Effect Magnetic Sensor Module 
  • Its Input For the Magnetic Induction Intensity, the Output is a Digital Voltage Signal
  • Small size and high sensitivity. Fast response temperature and good performance. Precision and high reliability.
  • Used for Arduino, Raspberry Pie, PIC, AVR, Smart Car, and so on.
  • Pin Connection: Connect the Powerline (middle) to +5V and ground (-) to GND. Connect signal (s) to any digital pin on the Arduino.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions (mm) L x W x H : 40 x 15 x 2
  • Weight (gm): 2

Technical Details

  • Operating Voltage (VDC): typically 5V
  • Operating Temperature (°C): -40 to 90
  • Output Current: 25mA
  • Power Consumption at Rest: 3mA
  • Power Consumption when Switched: 8mA

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code

Additional Details

  • Color: Black
  • Good linearity and high sensitivity(1.4 ~3.0mV/GS optional)
  • Miniature construction
  • Power consumption of 4 mA at 5 Vdc for energy efficiency
  • Low-voltage operation down to 2.3 V DC
  • Single current sourcing output
  • Linear output for circuit design flexibility
  • Low noise output virtually eliminates the need for filtering
  • Temperature range of -40 °C to 100 °C [-40 °F to 212 °F]
  • Responds to either positive or negative
  • Single current sourcing output


  • Motor control
  • Magnetic code reading
  • Ferrous metal detector
  • Current sensing
  • Position sensing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
shiv prakash
Worth the price

Works amazing. Use smaller magnets for more percision

4/6 worked

4/6 worked so not terrible for the price

ram dutt gupta
Great sensor for tachometers.

These are very simple to use and they work well in tachometers.

kausal kumar
Good sensors

It was great the hall effect sensors are efficient and effective.

Worked great!

Installed this on an RC truck wheel with a magnet glued to inner rim. Read it into an Arduino Mega with a library code using I2C interface to get ground speed (wheel rotations). Worked like a charm!

gurmit singh
Very cool

Not only did these work well, the electromagnetic concept they demonstrate is trippy