Arduonp pro mini BTBee Bluetooth Bee USB to Serial port Xbee Adapter Module
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Arduonp pro mini BTBee Bluetooth Bee USB to Serial port Xbee Adapter Module

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The Bluetooth XBee USB Adapter FT232RL for Arduino + Micro USB Cable is a compact USB with serial adapter equipped with BEE (20pin 2.0mm) sockets. With integrated FT232RL IC, It can be used for programming or communicate with the board which basic Arduino but without USB interface, like Sniffer Nano.

On the other hand, you may connect your PC to various wireless applications via the BEE compatible modules. The Adapter also could support the XBee interface.

Because XBee modules have 2 mm pin spacing, we recommend one of the adapter boards for each module. TheXBee adapter boards provide several advantages to theXBee modulessuch as breadboard-friendly standard 0.1-inch pin spacing, mounting holes, and easy-to-solder connections. Even if you are communicating point-to-point without a PC, we still recommend that you always have at least one XBee USB Adapter Board, so you can easily configure and test each XBee module prior to putting it in a point-to-point application.

Technical Details

  • IC Chip : FT232RL
  • Input Supply Voltage (VDC) : 3.3 ~ 5
  • Connectivity : USB
  • USB Interface : Mini-B (2.54mm pitch pin header)
  • Communication Protocol : UART, Bit Bang I/O, SPI

Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width x Height (mm): 42x26x6/li>
  • Cable Length (cm) : 30


  • PC via a USB cable directly connected with XBee adapters.
  • Bluetooth Bee configures or uses it as a data transmission.
  • For ARDUINO BOARD PRO MINI Downloader.

Additional Details

  • 3.3V and 5V IO compatible.
  • USB 2.0 protocol.
  • BitBang mode ready.
  • Easily connected to a PC via mini USB cable.
  • XBee-setting support software X-CTU.
  • XBee compatible 2.0mm pitch female pin header.

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