BMP180 Barometric Pressure Sensor Module compatible with Arduino
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BMP180 Barometric Pressure Sensor Module compatible with Arduino

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BMP180 Pressure Sensor Module: Accurate Pressure Measurement for Your Projects

Section 1: Precise Pressure BMP180 Pressure Sensor

The BMP180 Pressure Sensor Module is a highly accurate sensor module designed for precise pressure measurement. Whether you're working on weather monitoring, altitude tracking, or environmental sensing projects, this module delivers reliable and accurate pressure data.

High Accuracy: With its advanced technology and calibration, the BMP180 Pressure Sensor Module provides precise pressure measurements. It offers exceptional accuracy, allowing you to make informed decisions based on reliable pressure data.

Barometric Pressure Measurement: The BMP180 Sensor Module accurately measures barometric pressure, enabling you to monitor atmospheric pressure changes in real-time. Stay updated on weather patterns or utilize it for altitude calculations with confidence.

Temperature Compensation: This BMP180 Digital Barometric Sensor features built-in temperature compensation, ensuring accurate pressure readings even in varying temperature conditions. The temperature compensation feature enhances the reliability and precision of your measurements.

Section 2: BMP180 Pressure Sensor Module Versatile Application

The BMP180 Sensor Module is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, making it a valuable tool for engineers, hobbyists, and researchers.

Weather Monitoring: Use the BMP180 Sensor to monitor barometric pressure changes and predict weather patterns. Whether you're a weather enthusiast or need weather data for professional purposes, this module provides accurate and reliable measurements.

Altitude Tracking: Track changes in altitude accurately using the digital barometric pressure sensor. Whether you're exploring outdoor activities or designing flight systems, this module helps you measure altitude changes with precision, enabling better navigation and control.

Environmental Sensing: The BMP180 Sensor Module can be used for various environmental sensing applications. Monitor air pressure changes, detect pressure differentials, or integrate them into environmental monitoring systems for comprehensive data collection.

Section 3: Easy Integration and Compact Design For BMP180 Pressure Sensor Module

We understand the importance of simplicity and convenience in your projects. The Pressure Sensor Module offers easy integration and a compact design, allowing for seamless implementation.

Plug-and-Play Compatibility: The BMP180 Sensor Module is designed for easy integration into existing projects. It features plug-and-play compatibility, allowing you to quickly connect the module and start obtaining accurate pressure measurements with minimal effort.

Compact and Space-Saving: The BMP180 Digital Barometric Sensor has a compact design, making it suitable for projects with limited space. Its small form factor ensures versatility in placement, enabling you to integrate it seamlessly into your application without sacrificing valuable space.

Low Power Consumption: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the BMP180 Sensor Module operates with low power consumption. This feature makes it suitable for battery-powered applications, ensuring prolonged operation without draining excessive power.

Pinout Diagram

BMP180 Sensor Module

BMP180 Pin Configuration

  • VCC: Connected to +5V
  • GND: Connected to ground.
  • SDA: Serial Data pin (I2C interface)
  • SCL: Serial Clock pin (I2C interface)
  • 3.3V: If +5V is not present. Can power module by connecting +3.3V to this pin.

Technical Details Of the BMP180 Pressure Sensor Module

  • 1.8V to 3.6V Supply Voltage.
  • I2C interface.
  • Fully calibrated.
  • Very low noise – up to 0.02hPa (17cm)
  • Small and easy to use.
  • Power Consumption: 0.5uA at 1Hz
  • Pressure Range: 300hPa to 1100hPa (+9000m to -500m)

Physical Attributes

  • PCB Size ( L x W X H ) mm : 13 x 10 x 4
  • Weight (gm): 2

Integration with Arduino

BMP180 pressure sensor Module


Sample Code


Integration with Raspberry Pi

BMP180 pressure sensor Module


Sample Code


Additional Details

  • Can measure temperature and altitude.
  • Pressure range: 300 to 1100hPa
  • High relative accuracy of ±0.12hPa
  • Can work on low voltages
  • 3.4Mhz I2C interface
  • Low power consumption (3uA)
  • Pressure conversion time: 5msec
  • Potable size

Product Video


Package Includes

  • 1 x BMP180 Barometric Pressure Sensor Module compatible with Arduino

Customer Reviews

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Five Stars

Delivered on time. The chip is sensitive and very accurate.

Five Stars

Documentation is easy to find. Arduino libraries work well with minimal effort.

Five Stars

Part as expected and sent efficiently.

Compact and accurate

Very compact and accurate. Easy to use with Arduino.

Five Stars

It's very accurate, works perfectly via i2c. I used it on my GPS quadcopter.

vinit katariya

quick shipping, as advertised .. works well

any bobby
Works great

Works great - as expected.

Five Stars

These little guys are awesome and are great for those dog projects.

jai kishan
Very accurate

Very accurate and easy to set up. An altimeter function will usually be accurate within 2 relative feet.

It's a little buggy on the BP side but the ...

It's a little buggy on the BP side but the temperature is right on.I am using it on a Arduino Uno.