CD4066BE Quad Analog Switch IC DIP-14
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CD4066BE  Quad Analogue Switch IC DIP-14
CD4066BE  Quad Analogue Switch IC DIP-14_1
CD4066BE  Quad Analogue Switch IC DIP-14_2

CD4066BE Quad Analog Switch IC DIP-14

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The CD4066BE is a CMOS-based integrated circuit that functions as a quad bilateral switch or analog switch.

Here's some information about the CD4066BE:

Quad Analog Switch: The CD4066BE contains four independent analog switches that can be used to switch analog signals. Each switch typically consists of a pair of complementary MOS transistors.

DIP-14 Package: The "DIP-14" designation indicates that the CD4066BE is packaged in a Dual Inline Package with 14 pins.

Switching Configuration: The CD4066BE allows you to switch analog signals using external control signals. Each switch typically has two control inputs (commonly labeled as "A" and "B") to determine the switching state.

CMOS Technology: CMOS technology is known for its low power consumption and wide operating voltage range. The CD4066BE is compatible with both TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) and CMOS logic levels.

Power Supply: The CD4066BE typically operates with a wide range of power supply voltages.


Quad analog switches like the CD4066BE are used in various applications, including signal multiplexing/demultiplexing, audio and video signal routing, electronic switching, and more.

Usage Considerations: When using the CD4066BE, consider the voltage levels of your signals, power supply requirements, and proper connections based on the specific application.


  • 15-V Digital or ±7.5-V Peak-to-Peak Switching
  • 125-Ω Typical On-State Resistance for 15-V Operation
  • Switch On-State Resistance Matched to Within5 Ω Over 15-V Signal-Input Range
  • On-State Resistance Flat Over Full Peak-to-Peak Signal Range
  • High On or Off Output-Voltage Ratio:80 dB Typical at f is= 10 kHz, R= 1 kΩ
  • High Degree of Linearity:0.5% Distortion Typical at f is = 1 kHz, V is= 5-V p-pV DD– V SS ≥ 10-V, R L = 10 kΩ
  • Extremely Low Off-State Switch Leakage, Resulting in Very Low Offset Current and High Effective Off-State Resistance: 10 pA Typical at V DD– V SS= 10-V, T A= 25°C
  • Extremely High Control Input Impedance(Control Circuit Isolated From Signal Circuit):10 12 Ω Typical
  • Low Crosstalk Between Switches: –50 dB Typical at f is = 8 MHz, RL= 1 kΩ
  • Matched Control-Input to Signal-Output Capacitance: Reduces Output Signal Transients
  • Frequency Response,Switch On = 40 MHz Typical
  • 100% Tested for Quiescent Current at 20-V
  • 5-V, 10-V, and 15-V Parametric Ratings


  • 4-Input Multiplexer
  • Sample and Hold circuits
  • Network switching
  • Dead band filter

Physical Attributes

  • Length * Width * Height (mm): 19 x 8 x 7
  • Weight (gm) : 2


Package Includes

  • 1 x CD4066BE Quad Analogue Switch IC DIP-14

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