Compact Flash CF to 3.5 Female 40 Pin IDE Bootable Adapter Converter Card
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Compact Flash CF to 3.5 Female 40 Pin IDE Bootable Adapter Converter Card
Compact Flash CF to 3.5 Female 40 Pin IDE Bootable Adapter Converter Card
Compact Flash CF to 3.5 Female 40 Pin IDE Bootable Adapter Converter Card

Compact Flash CF to 3.5 Female 40 Pin IDE Bootable Adapter Converter Card

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A "Compact Flash (CF) to 3.5" Female 40 Pin IDE Bootable Adapter Converter Card" is a hardware device that allows you to connect a Compact Flash memory card to a computer or device with a 3.5-inch IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) interface. This type of adapter/converter is primarily used in older computer systems or embedded systems that have IDE connectors and can be a useful tool for data storage and booting from a Compact Flash card.

Here are the key components and features of this adapter:

Compact Flash (CF) Slot: The adapter has a slot for inserting a Compact Flash memory card. CF cards are a type of flash memory storage commonly used in cameras, industrial equipment, and older computing devices.

3.5" Female IDE Connector: The adapter has a 40-pin female IDE connector designed to connect to the IDE interface typically found in older computers. IDE was a common interface for connecting hard drives, CD/DVD drives, and other storage devices in older PCs.

Bootable Support: This adapter is "bootable," which means you can install an operating system or bootable software on the CF card and configure your computer to boot from it. This can be useful for creating a compact and reliable bootable storage solution for legacy systems.

Master/Slave Jumper Settings: Some adapters may include jumper settings to configure the CF card as a master or slave device on the IDE channel. This is similar to how IDE hard drives were configured in older systems.

Here's how you might use this adapter:

Prepare the CF Card: Insert a Compact Flash memory card into the CF slot on the adapter. Ensure it is properly seated.

Set Jumper Settings: If necessary, set the jumper settings on the adapter according to your configuration needs. For example, if you're using multiple storage devices on the same IDE channel, you may need to configure one as a master and the other as a slave.

Connect to IDE Port: Connect the 3.5" female IDE connector on the adapter to the IDE port on your computer's motherboard or the IDE interface on your embedded system.

Power Connection: If the adapter requires additional power, make sure it's connected. In many cases, power can be supplied through the IDE interface, but some CF cards may require an external power source.

Operating System Installation (Optional): If you intend to use the CF card as a bootable drive, you can install an operating system on it as you would on a regular hard drive. Configure your computer's BIOS or firmware to boot from the IDE channel where the CF card is connected.

Data Transfer and Usage: Once the adapter is connected and configured, you can transfer data to and from the CF card just like you would with any other storage device. It can be used for data storage, software installation, or as a bootable drive.

Physical Attributes

  • L x W x H (cm): 5.30 x 3.70 x 1.00
  • Weight (gm): 40

Package Includes

  • 1 x Compact Flash CF to 3.5 Female 40 Pin IDE Bootable Adapter Converter Card

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