Cooling adhesive STARS-922 For heat sink
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Cooling adhesive STARS-922 For heat sink

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It has high strength and fast bonding effect, and is suitable for directly attaching various components, LEDs and heat sinks.

Good thermal conductivity, strong adhesion, vacuum packaging is not easy to oxidize and dry, good viscosity, short drying time.

It has good conductivity, wide operating temperature range (-60~200°C), and short-term resistance to 300°C.

It has short surface curing time, long storage period, non-toxic, solvent-free, and can be safely applied to elastic bonding, heat dissipation, insulation and packaging of electronics, instruments, LEDs, heat sinks, etc.

  • Extrusion of the product directly during use, rubbing the surface of the adherend, and immediately covering it after use, in case of trial again
  • The surface fixed speed is related to the relative humidity and temperature in the air; the higher the temperature, the faster the curing speed, and vice versa.
  • Recommended thickness: 0.1-0.5mm, the thinner the better.
  • Please use solvent to clean the surface of the bonded object before use (such as alcohol), avoid cleaning with detergent, and apply it after the surface is clean.
  • The package is sealing and the product is covered with a vacuum bag to insulate the air and increase the storage time.

Additional Details

  • Thermal properties, strong glue adhesion.
  • Melting amount: 0 (200°C/24 Hours)
  • Evaporation: 0.001% (200°C/24 Hours)
  • Thermal Conductivity: >0.671W/m-K
  • Impedance:<0.06
  • Ging Time: 3min (25°C)
  • Track Strength: 25Kg
  • Strength of Connected Buildings: 1.5map
  • Margin Coefficient: >5.1
  • Scatter Coefficient:<0.005
  • N W : 5g

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