DC 3V-3.7V Coreless four axis high speed micro motor
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DC 3V-3.7V Coreless four axis high speed micro motor

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  • No-load current at 3V: 50mA
  • No-load speed at 3V: 4800 RPM
  • No-load current at 3.7V: 60mA
  • No-load speed at 3.7V: 58000 RPM
  • Weight (g): 2
  • No-load current at 3.7V: 30mA
  • No-load speed at 3.7V: 60000 RPM
  • Weight (g): 2
  • No-load current at 4.2V: 30mA
  • No-load speed at 4.2V: 40000 RPM
  • No-load current at 3.7V: 20mA
  • No-load speed at 3.7V: 35000 RPM
  • Weight (g): 2
  • No-load current at 3.7V: 65mA
  • No-load speed at 3.7V: 43000 RPM
  • Weight (g): 2
  • Speed: 4000RPM Voltage:3.0V Current: 80mA
  • Speed: 50000RPM Voltage:3.7V Current: 100mA
  • Speed: 55000RPM Voltage:4.2V Current: 120mA
  • Weight(g):4
  • Voltage: DC 3.0V No-load current: 0.2A Speed: about 5000rpm
  • Voltage: DC 3.7V No-load current: 0.3A Speed: about 61000RPM
  • Weight(g):4
  • No-load current at 3.7V: 0.22A
  • No-load speed at 3.7V: 53000 RPM
  • Weight (g): 5
  • No-load current at 3.7V: 0.115A
  • No-load speed at 3.7V: 40000 RPM
  • Weight (g): 5

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    4Unleash High-Speed Performance: DC 3V-3.7V Coreless Four-Axis High-Speed Micro Motor :

    Introducing the 3V-3.7V Coreless Four-Axis High-Speed Micro DC Motor, a powerful and compact motor designed to deliver impressive high-speed performance. Whether you're working on drone projects, quadcopters, RC planes, or other DIY creations, this micro motor will propel your innovations to new heights with its exceptional speed and efficiency.

    If you are new in the multirotor/drone hobby area and want to try out some basic multirotor designs so as to enhance your basic knowledge about multirotors!!!

    These lightweight brushed coreless DC motors are the best choice for your small drone, offering you an excellent affordable price when compared with costly BLDC motors.

    These are less noisy with low resistance. The only drawback of using coreless is the amount of torque they provide, as they are High Speed and Low Torque motors.

    High-Speed Precision DC motor: Turbocharge Your Projects

    The 3V-3.7V Coreless Four-Axis Micro DC Motor boasts incredible high-speed precision, ensuring your projects achieve maximum performance. With its advanced technology, this motor will turbocharge your creations, making them faster and more responsive than ever before.

    Compact and Lightweight DC motor: Perfect for Aerial Applications

    Crafted to be compact and lightweight, this micromotor is ideal for aerial applications. Its small size allows it to fit seamlessly into tight spaces, while its reduced weight enhances flight performance and efficiency in your drone and quadcopter designs.

    Smooth and Silent Operation DC motor: Minimal Noise, Maximum Control

    With its coreless design, this micromotor operates smoothly and silently, minimizing noise during operation. Enjoy maximum control over your projects without any distractions, making it perfect for applications where noise reduction is essential.

    Versatile Applications: Ideal for DIY Projects

    The DC 3V-3.7V Coreless Axis High-Speed Motor is perfect for various DIY projects beyond aerial vehicles. From robotic creations to smart gadgets, this motor's high-speed capabilities and precision will elevate the performance of your innovations.

    Physical Attributes

    • Motor Color: Silver
    • Motor Material: Metal
    • All the coreless motors can be CW or CCW.


    Model No. Motor Dia(mm) Motor Length(mm) Shaft Dia(mm) Shaft Length (mm) Wire Length (mm) RPM at 3.7V
    0408 4.1 8.1 0.7 3 15 58000
    412 4 12 0.7 4 180 60000
    612 6 12 0.8 5.7 120 35000
    615 6 15 0.8 5 55 43000
    720 7 20 1 5.2 125 50000
    816 8.1 16.8 1 4.8 112 61000
    8520 8.5 20 1.2 5 120 53000
    1020 10 20 1 6 50 40000


    • High Speed and Low Torque motor.
    • Less noisy operation.
    • Offers low resistance.
    • They are equipped with high-quality magnets.
    • This coreless motor supports a 1S battery.


    • High-Speed Precision: Turbocharge your projects with impressive speed.
    • Compact and Lightweight: Perfect for aerial applications.
    • Smooth and Silent Operation: Minimal noise, maximum control.
    • Versatile Applications: Ideal for DIY projects.

    Package Includes

    • 1 x DC 3V-3.7V Coreless four axis high speed micro motor

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