150W 300W 400W 600W 1200W 1500W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-90V Step Up Power Supply
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150W 300W 400W 600W 1200W 1500W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-90V Step Up Power Supply

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  • Input Voltage: DC 10V-32V.
  • Output voltage: DC12V-35V(adjustable).
  • Output current: 10A (MAX).
  • Input current :16A (MAX) (more than 10A please strengthen heatsink).
  • Output power: natural cooling 100W (MAX), strengthening cooling 150W (MAX) real power.
  • Input Voltage: DC 7 - 40
  • Output voltage: Continuously adjustable (1.25 ~ 35)
  • Output current: 8A (10A maximum)
  • Output Power: Natural cooling 250W (MAX), strengthening cooling 300W (MAX) real power.
  • Input Voltage: DC8.5V to 50V
  • Output Voltage: DC10V to 60V (continuously adjustable, default 19V)
  • Max. Input Current: 15A
  • Output Power: Natural cooling 350W (MAX), strengthening cooling 400W (MAX) real power.
  • Input voltage : DC 10 to 60 Volts
  • Output voltage : 12 to 60 Volt adjustable
  • Input current : 10 (MAX) Ampere
  • Output power : = input voltage * 10A, such as : input 12V * 10A = 120W, input 24V * 10A = 240W, input 36V*10A=360W, input 60V*10A=600W,
  • Input voltage :10-60V
  • Output voltage: 12-83V (adjustable)
  • Output Current: 12A
  • Input Current: 20A
  • Input voltage: DC10-60V
  • 10-30V input voltage, maximum current 30A
  • 31-60V input voltage, maximum current 25A
  • 12-90V continuously adjustable (default output is adjusted to 19V)
  • 12-90V fixed output

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    Output Current: The output current capacity depends on the specific model and the output voltage. For example, a 150W module with an output voltage of 12V would have a maximum output current of approximately 12.5A (150W / 12V = 12.5A).

    Efficiency: Typically around 85-95%, with variations based on the input voltage, output voltage, and load conditions.

    Adjustability: The output voltage is adjustable, allowing you to set it to a specific value within the output voltage range using a potentiometer.

    Protection Features: Some modules may include protection features such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and thermal shutdown protection to safeguard the module and connected devices.

    Cooling: Higher power modules may require additional cooling, such as a heatsink, fan, or both, to dissipate heat generated during operation.


    DC-DC boost converters are used in a wide range of applications where a higher output voltage is required, such as automotive, solar power systems, LED lighting, and more.

    Technical Details

    • Input Voltage Range: 10-32V DC
    • Output Voltage Range: 12-90V DC (adjustable)
    • Output Power Options: Available in various power ratings such as 150W, 300W, 400W, 600W, 1200W, or 1500W. The exact power rating depends on the specific model.

    Package Inclue

    • 1 X 150W 300W 400W 600W 1200W 1500W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-90V Step Up Power Supply

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