DIY Earthquake Alert STEM Science Experiments Kit
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DIY Earthquake Alert STEM Science Experiments Kit

DIY Earthquake Alert STEM Science Experiments Kit

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DIY Earthquake Alert STEM Toy comes with everything you need to set up an earthquake early warning system, using easy-to-follow instructions and clear graphics. When you are looking for science kits for teens, the earthquake alarm should be one of the suitable kits. When shaking the device, the copper wire will touch the long nail. And form a circuit, so the buzzer will make a sound.

The earthquake alarm is made by a level gauge and a vibration sensor. The principle is complicated. When an earthquake occurs, the continent will move and vibrate or rise. At this time, the earthquake alarm can detect the response of the continent and give an alarm, but the distance is limited.

What‘s the Earthquake and how did it happen?
Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon, and currently, people cannot prevent earthquakes from occurring. However, we can take effective measures to minimize earthquake disasters.

Due to the continuous movement of the earth, huge energy is gradually accumulated, causing the rock formations to suddenly rupture or move in some fragile areas of the earth’s crust.

How many earthquakes occur every year around the world?
There are more than 5 million earthquakes on the earth every year.

Do you know the earthquake warning system?
Warning: The assemble is complex and it must be accompanied by a parent or teacher while assembling.

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