DIY Permanent Suspension Pen Science Model
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DIY Permanent Suspension Pen Science Model

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Unleash the Power of Science with the DIY Permanent Suspension Pen Science Model : Embark on an extraordinary scientific adventure with the DIY Permanent Suspension Pen Science Model. This captivating kit combines the thrill of experimentation with the wonder of suspension phenomena, allowing you to create a mesmerizing pen that seemingly defies gravity. Brace yourself for an engaging and interactive experience that sparks curiosity, fosters scientific inquiry, and showcases the magic of physics.

The pen can't move forever. It's just a concept. lithe pen turns without any resis-tance, it can go on forever. This kind of situ-ation can only be realized in the vacuum environment of outer space. Permanent suspension pen is a concept experiment of perpetual motion. The pen is suspended vertically by the prin-ciple of magnetic levitation. In this way, the pen has no side support friction force. The small tip minimizes the contact between the pen and other objects. When the pen is rotated, the resistance will be smaller and the pen can rotate longer.

Experience the Marvels of Suspension: Mesmerizing and Mind-Blowing The DIY Permanent Suspension Pen Science Model offers a mesmerizing and mind-blowing experience that will leave you in awe. As you construct the model step by step, you'll witness the marvels of suspension come to life. Explore the principles of balance, equilibrium, and center of gravity as you witness the pen seemingly float in mid-air. Experience the captivating beauty of scientific phenomena and marvel at the wonders of physics.

Ignite Scientific Curiosity: Interactive and Informative With the DIY Permanent Suspension Pen Science Model, you'll ignite scientific curiosity and inspire a passion for inquiry. Delve into discussions about the principles of magnetism, magnetic fields, and magnetic levitation. Engage in hands-on experimentation to understand the intricate interplay between forces and materials. Experience the joy of discovery as you explore the underlying scientific concepts behind the pen's suspension, fostering a love for scientific exploration.

Showcase the Magic of Physics: Endless Possibilities The DIY Permanent Suspension Pen Science Model showcases the magic of physics and opens doors to endless possibilities. Customize your suspension pen, experimenting with different materials and magnetic configurations. Unleash your creativity and explore how subtle adjustments can alter the pen's balance and behavior. Witness firsthand the astonishing effects of magnetic forces and uncover the secrets of suspension.

Inspire Scientific Ingenuity: Creative Problem-Solving The DIY Permanent Suspension Pen Science Model inspires scientific ingenuity and encourages creative problem-solving. Engage in critical thinking as you analyze and adjust the pen's suspension mechanism. Experiment with various materials, shapes, and magnetic strengths to achieve the perfect balance and stability. Experience the satisfaction of overcoming challenges and developing innovative solutions.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions (cm) L x W x H : 19.5 x 14 x 4
  • Weight (gm): 105


  • Best value Educational Science Set - great for families, classrooms, or homeschooling activities
  • Science Learning: Design a levitation pen using the principle of magnetic levitation. Construct a compass to get a feel for polarity. Give your child valuable hands-on experience to grasp fundamental scientific concepts.
  • Develop operational ability: Our Anti-Gravity Maglev Science Learning Set helps children learn, grow, and gain confidence through building models they could show off to friends and families.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe: The models are made of high-quality wood. The magnets and the tools in the set are long-lasting and reusable in various play scenarios.


  • Mesmerizing and Mind-Blowing Experience: Experience the marvels of suspension.
  • Ignite Scientific Curiosity: Foster a passion for scientific inquiry.
  • Showcase the Magic of Physics: Explore the endless possibilities.
  • Inspire Scientific Ingenuity: Encourage creative problem-solving.

Package Includes

  • 1 x DIY Permanent Suspension Pen Science Model

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