DIY Laser-LDR Aiming Anti-Theft Burglar Alarm Science Kit
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DIY Laser-LDR Aiming Anti-Theft Burglar Alarm Science Kit

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Creating a DIY Laser-LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) Aiming Anti-Theft Burglar Alarm Module Kit can be a rewarding project to enhance security. This DIY Laser-LDR Aiming Anti-Theft Burglar Alarm Module Kit provides a basic but effective way to create a security system. Always exercise caution when using laser modules, and avoid pointing them directly into the eyes.

Materials Needed:

Laser Module: Emits a laser beam.

LDR (Light Dependent Resistor): Detects changes in light intensity.

Buzzer or Speaker: Produces the alarm sound.

Transistor (NPN): Acts as a switch for the buzzer.

Resistors: For limiting current and protecting components.

Power Source: Battery For power supply, We provide only AA Battery holders.


Identify and gather all the required components:

Connect Laser Module: Connect the positive (usually red) and negative (usually black) wires of the laser module to the Battery power source(3Volt). Connect one leg of the LDR to the positive rail of the connector as shown in the diagram. Connect the other leg of the LDR to the base of the NPN transistor. Connect one leg of the LED/Buzzer to the collector of the NPN transistor. Connect the other leg of the buzzer to the negative rail of the given Connector. Connect the emitter of the NPN transistor to the negative rail of the connector. Connect the collector of the NPN transistor to the positive rail through a resistor. Create a voltage divider using resistors if necessary to adjust sensitivity. Connect a resistor from the positive rail to the connection between the LDR and the base of the transistor.

Connect the positive and negative terminals of the AA Battery power source to the respective rails on the connector.

Adjust the position of the LDR and laser to ensure that the laser beam falls on the LDR.
When the laser beam is interrupted (e.g., by an intruder), the resistance of the LDR changes, triggering the alarm. Experiment with resistor values or the position of components to adjust the sensitivity of the alarm system. Install the laser module and LDR at the desired location, ensuring the laser beam aligns with the LDR.

Turn on the power source, and the alarm should sound when the laser beam is interrupted.


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Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions (cm) L x W x H : 20X14X1.6
  • Weight (gm): 85

Package Includes

  • 1 x DIY Laser-LDR Aiming Anti-Theft Burglar Alarm Science Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great STEM toy

Great STEM toy, highly recommend for kids

favorite birthday gift.

My 6 year old twin boys love this! One of their favorite birthday gift.

Linear Automation
Super Star

I am not taking a star away for that as this is a really good value and keeps children's interest for extended periods of time. In the future I look forward to buying more kits.

Kirauddin Ansari
Great value, with quality components

There are some good explanations in the instructions so that you can understand what you are experimenting with which helps with re-usability.

Bairu Vijay
Fun Kit

Highly Recommend!!! So much fun & learning!