DIY STEM kids best toys material speed wooden boat toy
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DIY STEM kids best toys material speed wooden boat toy
DIY STEM kids best toys material speed wooden boat toy

DIY STEM kids best toys material speed wooden boat toy

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A paddle steamer is a ship propelled by paddle wheels, and the original paddle steamer is propelled by manpower stepping on wooden wheels. After modern times, the steam engine appeared and began to become the power of ships, and the propulsion tool used with the steam engine was the paddle wheel. 

This kid's wooden boat toy is equipped with blades on the outer circumference of the runner to become a rotatable award wheel, which is installed on both sides or stern of the ship. Paddle wheels are divided into side paddle wheels and stern paddle wheels according to their arrangement position. In modern society, steam engines are used to drive the paddle wheel to rotate the award wheel. The blades of the award wheel splash water to propel the ship forward. Thanks to the steam engine ship. Paddle wheels are installed on board, so this kind of ship equipped with steam engines to drive paddle wheels to propel is called steamship.

The Claremont paddle steamer is strong and looks good. Steam engines are used in ships, and the emergence of steam engine ships is a revolutionary evolution in the history of ship power development. 


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