DIY Wooden Elevator lift Physical Learning Toy Science Experiment Kit
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by John Doe, written onMay 4, 20020

DIY Wooden Elevator lift Physical Learning Toy Science Experiment Kit

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  • Unassembled DIY set.
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  • Power Supply: battery not included
  • Includes 9 Volt battery cap

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Cross-fire line is a game that helps develop hand-eye coordination and precision in gameplay. The game steps are straightforward: as long as you can move the negative electrode electric ring from one end of the positive electrode aluminum wire to the other end without the two touching, you succeed. If the negative electrode electric ring touches the positive electrode aluminum wire during the game, it's considered a failure, and the challenge is not completed successfully. Creating a "DIY Cross-Fire Line Game Toy" can be a fun and challenging project. This game tests hand-eye coordination and precision as you attempt to move a ring along a wire without making contact.

Here's how you can create your own version of this game:

Materials You'll Need:

  • Baseboard
  • Aluminum wire or any non-conductive wire
  • Small ring or loop
  • AA Battery Holder
  • Buzzer or LED
  • Nails or hooks

Steps to Create the DIY Cross-Fire Line Game Toy:

Prepare the Base: Start with a wooden/Plastic base, which will serve as the foundation for your game.

Set Up the Wire Path: Attach the aluminum wire to the board in a winding, serpentine fashion, creating a challenging path for the ring to travel along. You can secure the wire using nails or hooks.

Attach the Ring: Attach the small ring or loop to the end of a non-conductive rod or stick, allowing it to move freely along the wire.

Create the Electrical Circuit: Connect one end of the aluminum wire to the positive terminal of your power source and the other end to a buzzer or LED (if you want to add an additional challenge). Connect the negative terminal to the base.

Secure the Power Source: Attach the power source (battery or low-voltage power supply) to the board.

Set the Game Rules: Establish the rules of the game. The objective is to move the ring along the wire from one end to the other without making contact. If the ring touches the wire, it will complete the electrical circuit, and the buzzer (or LED) will activate to signal a "failure."

Safety Precautions: Safety goggles should be worn to protect your eyes, especially when the buzzer or LED is activated.

Gameplay: Players use the non-conductive rod or stick to guide the ring along the wire. The goal is to complete the challenge without triggering the buzzer or LED.

Winning the Game: To win the game, a player must successfully move the ring along the entire length of the wire path without making contact.
This DIY Cross-Fire Line Game Toy is a great way to challenge your hand-eye coordination and dexterity. The added element of the electrical circuit and buzzer or LED makes it even more engaging. Just remember to play the game safely and avoid contact with the electrified wire.


  • Use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials to keep your child safe and healthy.
  • Complete DIY science educational toy kit.
  • Can be used as a power teaching experiment model.
  • Great for science education, the development of hobbies and interests.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • A great gift for kids.
  • Electric Lift DIY Kit only, other accessories demo in the picture are not included.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions (cm) L x W x H : 19.5 x 12 x 4
  • Weight (gm): 195

Package Includes

  • 1 x DIY Wooden Elevator lift Physical Learning Toy Science Experiment Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mayur Rajendra Saraf

Good item to play. You can add tape to strengthen it otherwise it keeps falling. And add double tape behind the motor so that it will be more stable to pull it up.

V Ramprakash
Elevator STEM Kit

Received DIY Wooden Elevator STEM Kit in good condition. It is for educating kids.

Five Star

Good product to improve kid's hands on skills

Love it

Love the design. Amazing this can be so real.

Aravind C A
Should be a lot of fun.

I needed a cool finishing gift and I believe this does it.

Sam jose
Works well as per expected

Item working well.