Double speed measuring, module encoder photoelectric, pulse output module
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Double speed measuring, module encoder photoelectric, pulse output module

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The "Double Speed Measuring Module Encoder Photoelectric Pulse Output Module" is a specialized electronic module used for speed measurement in applications where precise control of rotational speed is essential.

Here's an overview of its functionality and common applications:

Functionality: Encoder: The module is equipped with an encoder, which is a device used to convert the rotational position of an object into an electrical signal. In this case, it's used to measure the speed of a rotating object.

Photoelectric Sensors: Photoelectric sensors are used in conjunction with the encoder to detect changes in position. These sensors use light beams to detect the presence or absence of an object, or in this case, the marks on the encoder wheel.

Pulse Output: The module generates pulse signals as output. Each pulse corresponds to a specific position change or mark on the encoder wheel. By counting these pulses over a given time period, the speed of rotation can be calculated.

Common Applications:

Motor Control: It's used in applications where precise control of motor speed is crucial. For example, in industrial settings for controlling conveyors, fans, or other machinery.

Automated Systems: It's used in automated systems where accurate speed control is required, such as in robotics or CNC machines.

Feedback Systems: It's used in feedback systems to monitor the speed of rotating components, providing information for control and adjustment.
This speed measuring sensor has a wide voltage, high resolution, short response time, and the switch output speed measurement module. It can test the motor’s rotational speed with a black encoder (measured spec. is related to the encoder, the inner diameter of D type encoder provided is 4mm, and can be used for the motor output shaft w/a 4mm diameter, which is the TT motor we matched, yellow shell and white axis)

Technical Details

  • Working Voltage : 4.5V to 5.5 V
  • Transmit tube pressure drop : Vf = 1.6 V
  • Transmit tube current : 20 mA
  • Distinguish precision : 0.01 mm
  • Measurement frequency : 100 kHz


  • Signal output: A, B two way; The TTL level
  • The encoder resolution is about 20 lines
  • Speed measuring sensor configuration: The configuration can measure 1 road motor speed
  • Disc diameter: 24mm
  • Inner Disc Diameter: 4 mm

Physical Attribute

  • Disc diameter: 24mm
  • Inner Disc Diameter:: 4 mm

Package Includes

  • 1 x Double speed measuring, module encoder photoelectric, pulse output module

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