DT830B Digital Multimeter LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Tester
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DT830B Digital Multimeter LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Tester
DT830B Digital Multimeter LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Tester_1
DT830B Digital Multimeter LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Tester_2

DT830B Digital Multimeter LCD Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Tester

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Hardware & ToolsThe DT830B is a basic digital multimeter (DMM) commonly used for measuring electrical parameters in various applications.

Here's an overview:


Display: The DT830B features a digital LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen that shows the measured values clearly.

Measurement Functions: It typically offers various measurement functions, including voltage (AC and DC), current (AC and DC), resistance, and sometimes continuity and diode testing.

Range Selection: It allows manual selection of measurement ranges to ensure accurate readings for different magnitudes of electrical parameters.

Function Selection: The multimeter typically has a rotary switch or buttons to select the desired measurement function (e.g., voltage, current, resistance).

Input Jacks: There are input jacks or sockets for connecting the test leads. These jacks are usually color-coded (red for positive, black for negative) and marked with the corresponding measurement function.

Hold Function: Some models may include a data hold function that freezes the display to capture and record the measured value.

Battery: The multimeter is powered by batteries, often a standard 9V battery, which needs to be replaced periodically.

Safety: Basic safety features such as overload protection and fused current input are often incorporated to protect both the multimeter and the user.

Typical Measurements:

Voltage: The DT830B can measure both AC and DC voltage. It is commonly used to measure voltages in circuits and electrical systems.

Current: It can measure both AC and DC currents within its specified range. This feature is useful for checking current flow in circuits and troubleshooting electrical problems.

Resistance: The multimeter can measure the resistance of resistors, components, and circuits. It helps in identifying faulty or damaged components.

Continuity: Some models may include a continuity test function that checks for continuity in wires and connections. Diode Test: It can test diodes for functionality and polarity.


The DT830B multimeter is widely used by hobbyists, students, technicians, and professionals for various electrical and electronics-related tasks. It finds applications in troubleshooting circuits, testing components, checking battery voltages, and verifying electrical parameters in both household and industrial settings.


  • This multimeter measures DC voltage in the ranges of 200 mV 2000 mV, 20V, 200V, and 1000V.
  • It measures DC in the ranges of 200µA, 2000µA, 20ma, 200ma, and 10A.
  • It measures AC voltage in the ranges of 200 V and 750 V.
  • This meter also measures resistance in these ranges of 200, 2000 ohms, 20, 200, and 2000 ohms.
  • Transistor Hfe Measurement.
  • Continuity Tester with Buzzer.

Technical Details

  • LCD: 3 1/2
  • Digit Maximum Reading: 1999
  • DC Voltage: 200mV / 2000mV / 20V / 200V / 1000V
  • AC Voltage: 200V / 750V
  • DC Current: 200uA / 2000uA / 20mA / 200mA / 10A
  • Resistance: 200Ω/ 2kΩ / 20kΩ / 200kΩ / 2000kΩ
  • Transistor: NPN, PNP
  • Battery: 9 V 6F22 ( battery not included )

Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 125 × 70 × 25
  • Weight (gm) : 130

Package Includes

  •  1 x DT-830B Multimeter (Battery not included)
  • 1 x Test Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
amit kumar
Just what we needed

Perfect for my son’s science project

Works great

Works as intended

Great product and inexpensive

Great for the small things. Not sure if I'd want to use it for 220 volts but great for the price and what i needed!!

It work

Love it

pankaj tomar

Works okay. Good to check continuity, voltage, resistance, and to check the condition of a battery.

Inexpensive and gets the job done.

Nice inexpensive product. Easy to use and read. Note, my use has not tested the accuracy.

chaterpal @ banti
Very easy to read and accurate

This instrument take the guess work of what I'm doing very accurate reading beautiful display

Cool Tool

Good Price for most home tasks

Perfect Design, been around for Decades: the good stuff!

includes 9 volt battery already attached. EZ read scales; big digital display; been using this kind since there were "capacitors" and transistors.

love everything bout it

love everything bout it