EMAX MT2213 935KV Brushless DC Motor (CW Motor Rotation)
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EMAX MT2213 935KV Brushless DC Motor (CW Motor Rotation)

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Multi-Rotor Motor MT2213-935KV This is an excellent multi-rotor motor Designed for multirotor fast transient Response performance of your vehicle up to the maximum Use for multi-rotor such as Tri, Quad, Hexa, and Octo...etc.

If you are wandering to build a drone and don’t know what will be the best motor for you then worry no more, we have got your back. At Robu, we have everything for you to get started with your drone project. This motor provides a Motor kV of 935.

In the field of Multirotors, there are so many brands that are making drone motors but Emax is giving us the best quality of drone motor at an affordable price.

Emax brand gained more popularity in the market due to the highest standards for optimal performance and reliability.


  1. The BLDC motor rotation is always opposite to the direction of Thread.
  2. As in this case, the motor rotation direction is CCW, so the Thread tightening direction will be CW <“Left-handed-thread”>.

Technical Details

  • KV : 935
  • 3S(Lipo): 1045 Prop
  • 4S(Lipo): 8045 Prop
  • ESC Recommended: 18A
  • MAX Thrust: 850G


  • Vibration-free operation.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Windings are made from copper of high purity.
  • Powered by highest grade neodymium magnets.
  • Generates less heat during operations.

Physical Attributes

  • Diameter: 27.9mm
  • Length: 39.7mm
  • Weight: 55g

Package Includes

  • 1 x EMAX MT2213 935KV Brushless DC Motor (CW Motor Rotation)

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