Ethernet W5100 Shield Network Expansion Board w/ Micro SD Card Slot for Arduino
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Ethernet W5100 Shield Network Expansion Board w/ Micro SD Card Slot for Arduino

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The Ethernet Shield Arduino Uno is an expansion board designed to add Ethernet connectivity to Arduino boards. It features the Wiznet W5100 Ethernet controller chip, which enables the Arduino to connect to local area networks (LAN) or the internet using the Ethernet protocol. Additionally, it comes with a Micro SD card slot, allowing the Arduino to read and write data to/from a Micro SD card.

Key features of the Ethernet Shield Arduino Uno:

Wiznet W5100 Ethernet Controller: The W5100 chip handles the Ethernet communication and provides the necessary hardware support for the TCP/IP protocol stack.

RJ45 Ethernet Connector: This allows you to connect the Arduino to a wired network using an Ethernet cable.

Micro SD Card Slot: The shield comes with a slot to insert a Micro SD card, which can be used to store and retrieve data, log information, or serve as a storage medium for various applications.

SPI Interface: The W5100 communicates with the Arduino board via the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocol.

Stackable Design: The shield can be stacked on top of the Arduino, allowing you to add other shields or modules on top of it, further expanding its capabilities.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support: Some versions of the Ethernet W5100 Shield might support Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows the board to receive power through the Ethernet cable, simplifying the power supply setup.

To use the Ethernet W5100 Shield with your Arduino board, you will typically stack the shield onto the Arduino, making sure to align the pins correctly. You can then use the Ethernet library provided by the Arduino IDE to write sketches that utilize the Ethernet functionality. This allows you to create applications that can communicate with other devices or servers over the network and access the internet.

The Micro SD card slot can be accessed using the appropriate libraries, allowing you to read from and write to the Micro SD card just like you would with any standard SD card.

Applications of Ethernet Shield Arduino Uno:

Web Server: Use the shield to create a web server that can serve web pages and data over a local network or the internet. This is useful for displaying real-time data, status updates, or remote control interfaces.

IoT Applications:Develop IoT devices that can send and receive data over the internet. This could include temperature and humidity monitoring, smart home automation, and environmental sensing.

Data Logging: Create data logging systems that record sensor data and store it on a server or a cloud service for later analysis.

Technical Details

  • IC Chip: Wiznet W5100
  • Connection speed: 10/100Mb
  • Operating Voltage (VDC): 5

Physical Attributes of Ethernet Shield Arduino Uno

  • Length * Width * Height in mm : 75 * 54 * 25
  • Weight in gm: 78

Integration with Arduino of Ethernet W5100 Shield

Ethernet W5100 Shield

Sample Code

Additional Details of Ethernet W5100 Shield

  • Based on the W5100Based on the Wiznet W5100 allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet.
  • Stackable Design, can directly be supported by Arduino's official Ethernet Library.
  • Supports up to four simultaneous socket connections
  • Can be used to store files for serving over the network.
  • Compatible with the for Arduino Duemilanove (168 or 328), Uno as well as Mega (1280/2560).
  • Can be accessed using the Mini SD TF library.
  • The current shield has a Power over Ethernet (PoE) module designed to extract power from a conventional twisted pair Category 5 Ethernet cable.
  • IEEE802.3af compliant
  • Low output ripple and noise (100mVpp)
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • 1500V isolation (input to output)

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Package Includes

  • 1 x Ethernet W5100 Shield Network Expansion Board w/ Micro SD Card Slot for Arduino

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
works fine!

Very useful shield for LAN connections, but I'got one with no mac address. Sd-card slot onboard to keep logs/configs, etc.

Five Stars


rajender @ kaku
Five Stars

Reasonable shipping time; fits properly on my Arduino. Might update when I attempt to turn it on soon.

Great for controlling all your projects

a must have. Great for controlling all your projects.

ram ldaike
Make sure the pins are completely in!

Works just fine so far.***WARNING***Make sure that the I/O pins set inside completely. You have to put some pretty firm pressure on it.I was debugging for hours trying to figure out why it wasnt working but it was just because the pins were sitting in all the way....Hope this helps

chhotu harijan
Works great with Arduino UNO R3

This shield is compatible with Arduino UNO R3. No additional library files needed. Much cheaper than an original Ethernet shield from Arduino.


LOVE IT. Fast shipping. Complete compatible.

Fully Functional

Appears to work as well the original. I have used both the ethernet features (using the original Arduino ethernet library), as well as the micro SD card slot with great success.

vikas kumar
Five Stars

I ran some test programs, and they work fine.

Steve McCluskey
Five Stars

great for the price! slow shipping tho.