SN04-P PNP DC 6-36V, 5mm Distance Detector Proximity Sensor Switch Module (Normally Open)
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SN04-P PNP DC 6-36V, 5mm Distance Detector Proximity Sensor Switch Module (Normally Open)

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The "SN04-P PNP" inductive proximity sensor is a type of sensor commonly used in industrial automation for detecting the presence or absence of metal objects.


Model: SN04-P
Type: PNP
Operating Voltage: DC 6-36V
Detection Distance: 5mm
Connection: Normally Open (NO)

Let's break down what each of these specifications means:

Model (SN04-P): This is the specific model or part number of the proximity sensor switch module.

Type (PNP): PNP stands for "Positive-Negative-Positive." In the context of proximity sensors, it refers to the type of output the sensor provides. PNP sensors switch the output voltage to the positive supply voltage when they detect an object within their detection range.

Operating Voltage (DC 6-36V): This sensor can operate within a voltage range of 6 to 36 volts DC. It means you can power it using a direct current (DC) voltage source within this specified range.

Detection Distance (5mm): This sensor is designed to detect objects at a maximum distance of 5 millimeters from its sensing face. If an object comes within this range, the sensor will trigger its output.

Connection (Normally Open - NO): This indicates the default state of the sensor's output. In the "Normally Open" state, the sensor's output is disconnected (open) when there is no object detected within its sensing range. When an object is detected, the output connects (closes).

Technical Details

  • Model: SN04-P
  • Operating Voltage(V): 6 ~36 DC
  • Current Consumption Max: 5 mA
  • Detection distance(mm): 5 mm
  • Response Frequency: 500Hz Max
  • Protection class: IP 67

Wire Connections:

  • Brown wire: 10 ~ 30 VDC (+Ve).
  • Blue wire: 0 V (GND)
  • Black wire: signal

Physical Attributes

  • Cable Length: 150 cm.


  • Red LED checks the state of the proximity sensor
  • High repeated positioning accuracy
  • High switching frequency
  • Wide voltage range
  • Antivibration, dust, water, and oil prevention
  • Reverse power protection, short circuit protection, directly connecting with PLC
  • It can replace small switches and limit switches.

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Package Includes

  • 1 x SN04-P PNP DC 6-36V, 5mm Distance Detector Proximity Sensor Switch Module (Normally Open)

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