CD4049 Hex Inverter Buffer IC DIP-16
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CD4049 Hex Inverter Buffer IC DIP-16

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The CD4049 is a member of the 4000 series CMOS ICs, known for their low power consumption and wide operating voltage range. The CD4049 specifically functions as a hex inverter, which means it has six independent inverter gates. Each gate takes an input signal and produces the logical opposite as the output.

Key Features:

Hex Inverter: The CD4049 includes six inverter gates. Each gate performs the NOT operation, inverting the input logic level (high to low, low to high).

Buffer Functionality: In addition to inverting, the CD4049 can be used as a buffer by connecting the input and output of a single gate. In buffer mode, the output replicates the input without inversion.

Wide Operating Voltage Range: The CD4049 operates over a broad voltage range, typically from 3V to 15V. This flexibility makes it suitable for various electronic applications.

Low Power Consumption: Being a CMOS IC, the CD4049 is known for its low power consumption, making it energy-efficient.

Noise Immunity: CMOS technology provides good noise immunity, making the CD4049 suitable for applications where signal integrity is crucial.

Pin Configuration (DIP-16):

The CD4049 DIP-16 package includes 16 pins, and each inverter gate is associated with two pins (input and output). The exact pinout can vary slightly based on the manufacturer, so it's important to refer to the datasheet for specific details.


  • Mostly used in voltage multiplier circuit
  • Accept High input supply voltage
  • Used to lower the high logic levels
  • High sink current for driving two TTL loads
  • Special input protection allows input voltages greater than VDD
  • 100% Tested for Quiescent Current at 20 V
  • Available packages: PDIP, SOIC, TSSOP, SO with 16 number of pins
  • Maximum input current of 1uA at 18v over full package temperature range
  • Compatible in use with breadboard and perf board


  • Voltage multiplier circuit
  • High to low logic converter
  • CMOS hex buffer
  • Source driver
  • CMOS to TTL/DTL Hex converter

Physical Attributes

  • Length * Width * Height (mm): 19 x 7 x 7
  • Weight (gm) : 2


Package Includes

  • 1 x CD4049 Hex Inverter Buffer IC DIP-16

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