MAX7219 Microcontroller 4 In 1 Display with 5P Line Dot Matrix Module Arduino
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MAX7219 Microcontroller 4 In 1 Display with 5P Line Dot Matrix Module Arduino

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This is a Dot Led Matrix Module incorporating a MAX7219 Driver chip. By using this dot LED module in your upcoming project, you will be able to add some great cool animation.

Here's an some details about the MAX7219 Dot Led Matrix Module :

The individual module features 8×8 LEDs, each controlled very precisely by the MAX7219 driver to generate the color pattern you wish. The great advantage of using this is users will have control over all of the 64 LEDs by just connecting 3 output communication wires to microcontrollers like Arduino etc.

This product has 4 Dot Matrix LEDs cascaded to form a single LED Display to allot more area to the user on the display.

Connecting the two modules is also very easy. Only connect the output pins of the previous breakout board to the input pins of the new module, thus with such arrangement, you can connect as many DOT LED Modules to the Arduino as you wish!!! Great……

The MAX7219 8x8 matrix led arduino Module is a serial input common-cathode driver that interfaces microcontrollers to LED matrices. All common microcontrollers can be connected to this module by using a 4-wire serial interface. Each output can be addressed without refreshing the entire display. This module requires only 3 I/O lines for driving the display, making it ideal for your microcontroller projects. Only one external register is used to set the segment current of each LED.

Requires only three IO ports can drive a dot! No flashing dot matrix display! Support cascade!

Pin Connection

  • Vcc – 5V
  • GND – GND
  • DIN – Pin 12
  • CS – Pin 10
  • CLK – Pin 11

Technical Details of 8x8 matrix led arduino

  • Driver IC: MAX7219
  • Input Voltage (V): 5
  • Max. Operating Current (mA): 320
  • LED Color: Red


  • Requires only 3 communication wires of MCU
  • Pre-cascaded MAX7219 Dot Matrix LED Module.
  • The overall size of the display is very compact
  • The PCB features M3 holes for mounting.
  • Module with input and output interfaces
  • Support for cascading multiple modules
  • Quite large display

Wiring Instructions:

The left side of the module is to the input port, and the right is to an output port.

When the control of a single module, simply the input port is connected to the CPU.

When a plurality of cascaded modules, input and output termination CPU, an input terminal of the second output end of the first module a module, the first two modules of the input terminal of the three termination modules, and so on.

Physical Attributes of 8x8 matrix led arduino

  • LED Display Dim. (mm) : 130 x 10 x 33
  • PCB Size ( L x W ) mm : 130 x 32
  • Weight (gm): 90

Integration with Arduino

max7219 led matrix

Sample Code

Product Video

Documentation of 8x8 matrix led arduino

Package Includes

  • 1 x MAX7219 Microcontroller 4 In 1 Display with 5P Line Dot Matrix Module Arduino

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