MG945 Digi Hi Torque Plastic Gear High Torque Servo Motor 180° and 360°
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MG945 Digi Hi Torque Plastic Gear High Torque Servo Motor 180° and 360°

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  • MG945 Digital Servo Plastic Gear High Torque 180°
  • MG945 Digital Servo Plastic Gear High Torque 360°

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    MG945 Plastic Gear Servo Motor is a powerful servo motor that is suitable for robotic or RC projects. The motor can be controlled by PWM signals. It has a Plastic gearbox which is great for high-torque applications (up to 12kg/cm). The MG945 Servo has changeable servo headers/arms included in the pack. The range of movement is 180° and 360°. The motor has high torque and is easy to interface with any type of microcontroller.

    Here are some key features of the MG945 servo motor:

    Torque: The "High Torque" designation implies that this servo motor is designed to provide a significant amount of rotational force. This makes it suitable for applications that require higher levels of torque to move larger loads or overcome resistance.

    Plastic Gear: The term "Plastic Gear" in the name can be a bit confusing, as the "MG" typically signifies metal gears. It's possible that there might be variations or imitations of the MG945 that use plastic gears instead of the more durable metal gears. If you're specifically looking for a metal gear servo motor, it's essential to verify the specifications and details of the product before purchasing.

    Control Range: Servo motors are designed to rotate within a specific angle range, typically between 180 and 360 degrees. The MG945 likely has a control range within this standard range.

    Voltage and Compatibility: The MG945 servo motor is designed to work with a specific range of input voltages, usually around 4.8V to 6V. It's crucial to operate the servo motor within its specified voltage range to ensure proper performance and longevity.

    Control Signal: Servo motors like the MG945 are typically controlled using a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal. By varying the pulse width of the signal, you can command the servo motor to move to a specific position within its range.

    Technical Details

    • Operating Voltage: Typically around 4.8V to 6.6V
    • Speed: 0.22sec/60 degree @ 4.8V
    • Stall Torque: 12kg/cm @ 4.8V
    • Operating voltage: 4.8-7.2V
    • Control Signal: Typically uses a pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal for control
    • Temperature range: 0C to 55C
    • Rotatie: 180° and 360°
    • Gears: Plastic
    • Servo wire length: 30cm

    Product Parameter

    Pin Out

    • PWM (ORANGE)
    • VCC (RED)
    • GND (BROWN)


    Robotics: Used for joint movement and limb control in robotic systems.

    Remote-Controlled Vehicles: Applied in steering and movement control of RC cars, boats, and planes.

    Motion Control: Used for mechanisms that require controlled and repeatable angular movement, such as camera gimbals and animatronics.

    Physical Attributes

    • Dimensions L*W*H (mm): 53.6*20*47.6
    • Weight(g): 62

    Product Video

    Package Includes

    • 1 x MG945 Digi Hi Torque Plastic Gear High Torque Servo Motor 180° and 360°

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