Mini A6 GSM Development Board With GPRS Quad-Band SMS Audio Board 5V Replace SIM800L
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Mini A6 GSM Development Board With GPRS Quad-Band SMS Audio Board 5V Replace SIM800L

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The Mini A6 GSM Development Board is a versatile development platform based on a GSM module, similar to the SIM800L. It's designed for projects that require cellular communication capabilities.

Here's an overview of its features and usage:

GSM Module: The Mini A6 GSM Development Board is equipped with a GSM module, which enables it to connect to cellular networks. This module supports quad-band GSM frequencies, allowing it to work in various regions worldwide.

GPRS: Just like the SIM800L, the Mini A6 board supports GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), which enables data communication over cellular networks. This is particularly useful for IoT projects where you need to send and receive data packets.

SMS: The module supports SMS (Short Message Service) functionality. You can use it to send and receive SMS messages, making it suitable for remote monitoring and control applications.

Audio Support: The Mini A6 board also includes audio functionality, allowing you to handle audio data. This can be useful for projects involving voice communication or audio streaming.

5V Operation: The board is designed to operate with a 5V power supply, making it compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers and development platforms.

Replacement for SIM800L: The Mini A6 board is mentioned as a replacement for the SIM800L, which means it can be used in projects that previously used the SIM800L module. It's essential to check the compatibility and pinout with your existing projects.

To use the Mini A6 GSM Development Board, you would typically follow these steps:

Hardware Setup: Connect the Mini A6 board to your microcontroller or development platform. Ensure that you provide the required power supply voltage and current.

SIM Card: Insert a valid SIM card from a cellular network provider into the board. The module uses the SIM card to access the cellular network.

AT Commands: As with most GSM modules, you'll communicate with the Mini A6 board by sending AT commands over a serial interface (usually UART). These commands allow you to control various functions, such as making calls, sending SMS messages, establishing GPRS connections, and handling audio data.

Programming: Write code on your microcontroller or development platform to send AT commands and process responses from the Mini A6 module. The code can be written in languages like C/C++ or Python, depending on your platform.


Use the Mini A6 board for your specific applications, such as remote monitoring, tracking, security systems, or any project that requires cellular communication and audio functionality.


  • Supports voice calls.
  • Support news SMS.
  • Support standard gsm07.07,07.05 at and ai extension commands.
  • Supports 2 serial, download a serial interface, and at the command.
  • Support digital audio and analog audio, support hr, fr, efr, amr voice coding 11. support.
  • 2g 3g 4g mobile unicom card.

Technical Details

  • Standby Current : 3 mA
  • Input Voltage: 5 V
  • GSM/GPRS Band Frequency: 850~1900 MHZ
  • Working Temperature Range (°C): -30 to 80

Physical Attributes

  • PCB L x W x H (mm) : 34 x 26 x 6
  • Header L x H (mm) : 20 x 11
  • Antenna L (mm): 15
  • Weight (gm): 7

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code


Package Includes

  • 1 x Mini A6 GSM Development Board With GPRS Quad-Band SMS Audio Board 5V Replace SIM800L

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