Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module For PIC Arduino WTV020-SD
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Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module For PIC Arduino WTV020-SD

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SD Card MP3 Sound Module WTV020 sd arduino is a popular voice module designed for projects that require audio playback capabilities. It is commonly used in applications such as interactive toys, voice-guided systems, talking products, and more.

Here are some key features and functionalities of the Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module:

Audio Playback: The module supports audio playback from a microSD card, making it easy to store and access audio files for your project. It can handle WAV audio files with sample rates of 6kHz to 32kHz and 16-bit resolution.

16 Storage Banks: The module has 16 separate storage banks, allowing you to store different audio files in each bank. You can access and trigger specific audio files by selecting the corresponding bank and track number.

Control Interface: The Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module can be controlled using a microcontroller or other digital control devices. It uses a simple serial communication protocol to play, pause, stop, and change the volume of the audio output.

External Amplification: The module provides a line-level audio output, which requires external amplification to drive speakers or headphones. You'll need to connect an external audio amplifier to get sound from the module.

Low Power Consumption: The WTV020-SD-16P is designed to be power-efficient, making it suitable for battery-operated projects.

Easy Integration: The module's compact size and straightforward control interface make it easy to integrate into various electronic projects. To use the WTV020-SD-16P, you will need to connect it to a power supply, a microcontroller (or any digital control device), and an external audio amplifier. Once connected, you can trigger specific audio files from the microSD card using serial commands sent from the microcontroller.

NOTE: Specific connections and control commands might vary based on your project and the requirements of your microcontroller. Always refer to the datasheet or user manual provided by the manufacturer for detailed instructions and specifications.


Voice Prompt System: In industrial or commercial settings, use the module to provide voice prompts for various processes. For instance, in a manufacturing plant, it can guide workers through different steps of production.

Home Automation: Integrate the module into your home automation system to provide auditory notifications or voice feedback for actions like turning on/off lights, locking doors, or adjusting thermostats.

Smart Toys: Incorporate the module into toys to enhance their interactivity and engagement. Toys can provide audio responses, stories, or sound effects based on user interactions.


  • 1. – (0V)
  • 2. +(VCC 3.0~5.5V)
  • 3. TTL-TXD
  • 4. TTL-RXD
  • 5. -(0V)
  • 6. +(VCC 3.0~5.5V)
  • 7. RS232-RX
  • 8. RS232-TX

Physical Attributes

  • Length * Width * Height  (mm) : 20 * 17.8 * 2.5 mm
  • Weight (gm): 4

Integration with Arduino

Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module


    Product Video


    Package Includes

    • 1 x Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module For PIC Arduino WTV020-SD

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Fun, easy to use and high quality

     These are well made units. The standalone ability needs only power, the speaker wires plugging in and a wire to touch the playback pin. More advanced projects can be achieved readily, with several Arduino microcontroller libraries being available to use with them. Playback of up to 3000 different MP3's at up to 48kHz must surely be decent enough specs for any project!One thing to watch out for, is that (in my case anyway) there wasn't enough power from the Arduino to run the speaker at full volume. It makes sense, see the video for volume output! It's wise to run the module from its own 5V feed, rather than have an Arduino supply the power.All in all, great fun and certainly recommended. Shipping was in 2 days, as described.

    Nice quality!

    Great little chip.

    Worked great the first time!!

    Very easy to connect to an Arduino and worked first time out of the gate. Perfect. Will buy more!

    najar hussan
    Plays fairly well

    For fun, I wired the DAC ports to a powered desktop speaker system and it sounded great, although that's how I intend to use it. I'm driving a small 3W 4Ohm speaker from this, and I really don't need to put it to full volume to get decent sound for my "effects" files. On the software side, I found that depending on the "track completion" message through the serial port was problematic due to conflicts with other components, so I just use the BUSY pin to determine when a track has completed. My one real gripe is that the chip does not remember its last volume setting when re-started, so it always initializes at full volume which draws a lot of power...

    tapas das
    Useful mp3 module for electronics projects

    These tiny modules are very useful for a range of projects and can easily be connected to the Arduino or other microcontrollers. There is plenty of information available on how to set these up either as stand alone mp3 players or with other devices. The player even has a built in amp (3W) so it can be connected directly to a single speaker and stereo line out is also supported.

    Fantastic Audio Solution For Arduino Makers

    I used this module to add audio playback to my Arduino MEGA2560 project. But I'm not using it to play music. Instead, it is providing sound effects and voice messages.Besides 5VDC & Ground, only three other signals (TX, RX, BUSY) were connected to the Arduino. The Arduino library is well documented too. For all the details just google DFRobotDFPlayerMini.Audio quality is very good. My project drives two speakers using a low cost TDA7297 15W amplifier module, like this one:  DROK TDA7297 Mini Digital Amplifier Stereo Audio Amplifier

    Great Mp3 Player Module! Great Seller!

    The mp3 players arrived much earlier than expected. I tested only one of the two but the one I tested works flawlessly!

    manoj kumar age-24 & satesh kumar age 18
    Just as advertised

    Uses the correct chip, not the fake ones that other brands use. I bought a 5 pack of another brand and it side fake chips which did not work.